9 Immutable Laws Of Success That Will Low-Key Change Your Life

You won't find these in a self-help book.

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What does success mean to you? It is subjective. However, the strategies we can use to find our versions of success share similarities. Not all the best ideas are in your favorite self-help book, though. Some of them are right here.

Here are the 9 immutable laws of success that will low-key change your life:

1. Law of Enjoyment

No matter how seemingly tedious or ugly the task is, you can find a way to enjoy what you’re doing. This is made possible through slowing down, being present, and relishing the finer details in the work. What advantage could this create for you?


2. Law of Not Being Whiny

Many of us unconsciously create more hardship for ourselves by adopting the persona of a scared victim who’s been ‘unjustly’ treated. It may seem empowering to complain and judge, but you’re hurting yourself the most. There is instant power in this very subtle mind shift. Take responsibility for it all. Nobody successful didn’t approach life like a warrior who cared.

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3. Law of the Broken Toothbrush

When I was in the military, we were taught to do everything in our power to minimize the weight carried on our backs in the field. This included breaking our toothbrushes in half. The same applies to our daily lives. Every tiny bit of added weight — whether physical, logistical, or psychological — is a burden if it doesn’t create direct joy or value. Cut, let go, cut, and cut again.


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4. Law of Imbalance

"Work-life balance" is a myth that makes us less efficient coined by a miserable person who hated their life. We’re dissatisfied because we aren’t seeing results, and results always come out of Imbalance. Even winning the lottery requires an uncommon obsessiveness in buying tickets each week. Success requires an all-in approach that requires a sacrifice — at least temporarily — of some other element. It never came from trying to be ‘balanced’.

5. Law of Interference

Many things gain by our leaving it alone. One is our worrying thoughts. When we try to examine our thoughts and anxieties to gain control, we end up agitated and stressed. When we try to interfere with other people, argue, and wish they would change, they resist, and the relationship is strained. Leave your thoughts, things outside your control, and other people alone, and you will be rewarded with clarity of mind, self-love, and an attractive quality that will serve you 100-fold.


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6. Law of Self-Created Identity

What we do, how we dress, how we speak, the habits we take on, and the choices we make — all transmit a message outwards. We communicate our personal brand, status, and identity to other people all the time. What we often forget, however, is that all of these things influence our sense of identity too. This is huge, because who we think we are, based on our behaviors, dictates our subsequent behaviors. So if we get up early and dress well, we’re indicating to ourselves that we are someone of value. You can imagine what that does to your ongoing confidence and behavior choices.

7. Law of Doing Nothing

You’re either all in or doing nothing at all. Half-in is death. ‘Doing nothing’ holds tremendous power and is underused because most of us never quite switch off, even if we’re on holiday. Actively do nothing without guilt daily. Do this not because you’re avoiding life and being lazy, but because time for rest and reflection relaxes you, making you more effective in all other parts of life.


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8. Law of One

There has never been a person in all of history who benefitted from doing several things simultaneously. The most we can ever do is one thing at a time with our total attention. This is where successes are born. We benefit greatly by creating clarity around our highest-priority single items and objectives. What ONE thing could you do today that would make it worthwhile? Narrow it down to one, and you make everything easier.

9. Law of getting back to the basics

We can get blocked in our over-reliance on intellect — our capacity to dissect, envision, and formulate ideas via the power of personal thinking. We have been gifted with an incredible tool, yes. But very often, we overuse it. Like a revved-up engine, it can overheat. The flip side to using our intellects to find solutions is to reaffirm the mind-body-spirit union and go for a walk. Getting out of our thoughts and into the body re-addresses the imbalance and brings new rewards in the form of effortless insights delivered to the mind, free of the pressure of active thought.


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Alex Mathers is a writer and coach who helps you build a money-making personal brand with your knowledge and skills while staying mentally resilient.