If You Can Do These 21 Hard Things, You'll Have A Major Life Advantage

Push yourself forward in all areas of life.

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I always thought you needed to avoid stuff that felt uncomfortable to live a good life. Turns out comfort is great, but it’s better as a reward for living a life — with its ups and downs. Actively taking on considered risks and ‘tough’ things (the kind of things you know deep down you need to do) always felt scary at the moment. But these were the things that brought me the most psychological and real-world growth. 


Here are 21 hard things you can do to give yourself a major life advantage:

1. Record a public video diary and share

Move past the fear of being perceived. 

2. Lead a group

3. Cut out a bad habit 

Bad habits only hold you back, so do what you can to remove at least one entirely.

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4. Reach out to thank 15 people

Don't underestimate the power of gratitude.

5. Go for a 4-hour walk

Walking benefits both your mental and physical health in big ways.  



6. Write and share a poem

According to research, poetry can improve your mental health by boosting your mood and combatting stress, depression, and loneliness symptoms. Surprisingly, it has also been found to improve work performance. 


7. Donate to charity

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8. Drop a commitment so that you focus more on less

When you over-commit, everyone loses. 

9. Travel by yourself

Solo-traveling may be intimidating, but it's well worth it

10. Write a booklet in a day

11. Volunteer somewhere for a day

12. Join a class you’d never have otherwise joined

Whether it's an exercise class you haven't considered before or something more creative, like pottery or painting, join a class that is outside of your comfort zone

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13. Meditate every morning for at least 15 minutes

Start your day off right with some morning meditation

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14. Do heavy compound exercises three times a week

15. Make time for creative expression each week

Creative expression has the power to improve both mental and physical well-being, so flex those creative muscles. From writing and painting to playing an instrument and dancing, the options are endless. 

16. Take a cold shower or lake swim

17. Write and share a piece of flash fiction

18. Write 1000 words every day

Whether you journal for yourself, work on a novel, or start a blog, make writing a habit.


19. Interview someone on a podcast

20. Write and share an article about a vulnerable experience

Vulnerability is an immensely powerful thing. 

21. Ask to be interviewed

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Alex Mathers is a writer and coach who helps you build a money-making personal brand with your knowledge and skills while staying mentally resilient.