Husband Who Despises Late People Hands Out VIP Bands For ‘On-Time’ House Guests To Give Them Better Snacks & Drinks

He takes punctuality very seriously.

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A woman’s video regarding her husband’s attitude toward people who show up late to parties has sparked a fierce debate online.

The man, who has a rather unfavorable view of guests who turn up late, chooses to single them out while rewarding those who arrive on time in a rather unconventional way.

While some people applauded the man’s treatment of latecomers, others attempted to defend them.

The man handed VIP bands to guests who arrived on time, which allowed them to have better snacks and drinks.

In a TikTok video posted by @kyliekatich that has garnered over 15 million views, a man was standing in front of the door of his home peering outside. The man is Kylie’s husband and he was waiting for guests to arrive for a party.


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She made it clear that her husband is not a fan of latecomers and has implemented a system to motivate their guests to arrive on time. 


“My husband hates it when ppl [people] are late, so anytime he hosts, he gives ‘VIP wristbands’ to ppl who show up ON TIME & excludes late ppl from accessing a ‘VIP section’ of our house with better snacks and drinks,” she wrote in the text overlay of the video.

Kylie also filmed her husband tying a “VIP” red band around one of their punctual guests' wrists and posting a sticker on the wall leading to the upstairs section of their home that read, “VIP LOUNGE UPSTAIRS.”

Kylie’s husband’s treatment of guests who arrived on time versus those who arrived late has sparked debate among TikTok users.

Some people supported his idea, believing that late guests did not deserve the same privileges as those who showed up on time.

“I’m doing this. Late people drive me crazy,” one TikTok user commented.


What do you think? 🤔 Maybe it’s just me, but I think being late is disrespectful. When you commit to being somewhere at a certain time and someone is expecting you to be there, not showing up on time says that you don’t have any regard for the other person’s time.OBVIOUSLY things happen but at the very least reach out and give a heads up. But if you’re religiously late because you can’t keep your schedule, it’s on you.

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“As a person who is obsessed with being on time, I would feel SO SPECIAL,” another user shared.

Another user wrote, “I love this because he’s not punishing the late people; he’s just rewarding the considerate ones.”


However, others believed that the man was being too harsh, claiming that some people suffer from ‘time blindness.’

Time blindness refers to difficulty perceiving the passage of time and managing it effectively.  This condition is often associated with neurodevelopmental disorders like Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), where people may experience challenges in time management and time perception.

@thepsychdoctormd Time blindness? Use an alarm?? No man, sometimes alarms dont work if you PERCEIVE TIME DIFFERENTLY. #drsasha #adhd #adhdtiktok ♬ original sound - Sasha Hamdani MD

Many people who struggle with time blindness do not intend to be rude even if it may come across that way, such as when they arrive late to a party.

However, many people could not help but point out that even if you experience time blindness, alarms and clocks exist that allow you to manage your time better. 


If you know that you are expected to arrive at a party by a certain time, it is wise to plan ahead and allow yourself enough time to get ready so that you can show up at the right time.

Of course, unforeseen circumstances may arise, and you may not always get to parties on time, but when you can, you should make an effort to do so in consideration of the host.

Those of you who live by “early is on time” may be in luck, especially if your host is anything like Kylie’s husband. You’ll get to enjoy the homemade buffalo chicken dip with tortilla chips and ice-cold sodas, while those who claim to have time blindness are stuck with stale potato chips and warm fruit punch.

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