Husband Doesn't Think It's A Big Deal To Demand His Pregnant Wife Use The Guest Bathroom At Night To Avoid Interrupting His Sleep

He is in for a rude awakening when the baby arrives.

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A man is at odds with his wife after he requested that she use a different bathroom during the night. His wife, who is 18 weeks pregnant, gets up frequently during the night to use the restroom in their master bedroom, and he claims that it is affecting his sleep. 

Now, he is asking if he is being unreasonable by asking his wife if she could use the restroom elsewhere during the night so his sleep is not interrupted. 


The man asked his pregnant wife if she could use the guest bathroom during the night to avoid waking him up.

Sharing his story to Reddit, the man revealed that the bathroom in his master bedroom does not have a door. That means whenever he or his wife uses it, it can get “quite loud,” especially during the night. 

Since the couple is renting the home, they cannot add a door to muffle the sound, and therein lies the conflict.

Husband Doesn’t Think It’s A Big Deal To Demand His Pregnant Wife Use The Guest Bathroom At Night Photo: Ground Picture / Shutterstock 


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The man shared that his wife is currently 18 weeks pregnant, and uses the restroom frequently, but it's beginning to affect his sleep at night. “She’s opted to use ours instead of the guest one because ours is closer and she’s able to fall back to sleep quicker after,” the man wrote. 

Still, the man asked his wife if she could start using the bathroom in the guest room at night instead so that he could get a full night’s sleep. 

“She got upset at me for even asking and told me it’s too far to walk and it would disrupt her sleep even more,” he shared. “She asked me why I would want to make her life harder at the minute, but I told her I didn’t really think it was a huge ask.” 


After arguing back and forth, the man’s wife insisted that she would continue using the master bath at night, even if it meant his sleep would be interrupted. 

In response, the man chose to sleep in the guest bedroom. 

He admitted, though, that he still doesn't understand why his wife cannot use the guest bathroom during the night instead. “I just think it’s a pretty small thing to ask of her and I don’t see why both our sleep should be interrupted because of her,” the man wrote. 

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Even though the man believed that his request was perfectly fair, the majority of Redditors criticized him for his behavior. 


Many people noted that he should be the one making sacrifices instead of his pregnant wife. 

“So OP [original poster] thinks his wife who is growing a whole human at this point should take a trek multiple times during the night so he can get his precious sleep?” one Redditor commented. 

“He SHOULD sleep in the other room. Being pregnant is uncomfortable enough without sleeping with a petulant man-child,” another user wrote. “She is making HIS life harder? How about how much harder Her life is right now with HIS kid?” another user pointed out. 



Other people noted that the man might as well get used to having his sleep interrupted considering he had a baby on the way.


“Would I be unreasonable for asking my wife to move to her parents with our newborn baby for the first couple years so they don't disrupt my sleep?” one user sarcastically commented. 

In a marriage, there will be times when spouses will have to make sacrifices for one another.

Although it may briefly inconvenience one spouse, it is part of a relationship to take one for the team every now and then. 

The man should especially be willing to make a few sacrifices given that his wife is carrying their child. 

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Pregnancy often comes with hormonal changes and emotional ups and downs. Husbands can provide emotional support by being understanding and patient, even if it means that they may lose sleep. They can also invest in noise-canceling headphones, a sound machine, or a simple fan to drown out any nighttime disturbances.

Parenthood involves sacrifices and selflessness. Making sacrifices during pregnancy can serve as a preparation for the challenges and joys of parenting. 

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