The Meaningful Way A Woman Honored The Kind Little Girl Who Used To Pack An Extra Lunch For Her When She Was A Hungry Child

The smallest acts of kindness have the biggest impacts.

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A woman swears that angels are indeed real because she encountered one of her own while she was in elementary school. 

The woman never forgot her very own guardian angel, who appeared in the form of one of her classmates and shared how she still honors her to this day. 

The woman chose to name her daughter after the little girl who would always pack extra food for her in her lunchbox.

A mom and TikToker named Haley did not have a particularly easy childhood growing up. Although she did not go into detail, her younger years were not filled with many fond memories.


However, there was one important person who made Haley’s life easier during those dark days: one of her classmates in the third grade.



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According to Haley, the little girl named Gracie always brought an extra lunch box to school so that Haley would have something to eat at lunchtime. 


Gracie’s kindness stayed with Haley for years, and when she gave birth to her daughter, she decided to name the baby “Gracelynn Marie” after her childhood savior. 

“To that sweet girl in 3rd grade that would bring in an extra lunch box with food just for me, thank you so much. I named my daughter after you,” Haley wrote in the text overlay of her TikTok video.

In the comments section, she added that it has been over 13 years, and she still thinks about what Gracie did for her. 

Other people were touched by Gracie’s actions and how Haley chose to honor her. 

“This made me cry. You naming your daughter after her. Much love to you and your daughter, mama,” one TikTok user commented. 


“This is so beautiful,” another user wrote. 

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Small acts of kindness really do have lasting impacts,” another user noted. 

Others revealed how they were impacted in similar ways by people when they were younger, and how it influenced their lives for the better. 


“I had the same birthday as one of my classmates, and every year her mom did a big party in the classroom for her, and my name would always be on the cake too,” one TikTok user shared. 

“I named my first kitty after my best friend Sadie. She never knew, but I had a really bad childhood and household. Her presence just made me so happy. She was my only friend because I didn’t have any,” another user wrote. 

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How A Woman Honored The Kind Little Girl Who Used To Pack An Extra Lunch For Her When She Was A Hungry Child Photo: Pressmaster / Shutterstock 


Small acts of kindness can be the catalyst for big change.

As children, it is easy to be wrapped up in our own little worlds, oblivious as to how our actions can impact others. 

The classmate who we told looked pretty may have been struggling with self-esteem issues and needed to hear it. Our friend, to whom we lent money for the book fair, may never have been able to go before because their family was facing financial difficulties. 

These acts, often seemingly insignificant in the moment, can have profound effects on both the giver and the receiver. 



Small acts of kindness have the power to leave a lasting impact on individuals that can resonate throughout their lives. 


Whether it's a smile, a kind word, or a simple gesture of support, these actions can create ripple effects that extend far beyond the initial interaction.

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