Craft A Personal 'Steve Irwin Style' Mission Statement With This Simple Template

Yes, the Crocodile Hunter knew a thing or two about fulfilling your vision.

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"What good is a fast car, a flash house, and a gold-plated dunny to me? Absolutely no good at all. I’ve been put on this planet to protect wildlife and wilderness areas, which in essence is going to help humanity. I want to have the purest oceans. I want to be able to drink water straight out of that creek. I want to stop the ozone layer. I want to save the world." — Steve Irwin

Instagram account Ancestral Habits shared this quote from Steve Irwin as inspiration for crafting your personal mission statement, and we think it's an excellent starting point for everyone.


Irwin, who you may remember as the Crocodile Hunter, was a zookeeper and conservationist who spent his entire life dedicated to the health and prosperity of nature. He and his wife used their resources to turn their small park into the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, which they dedicated to his late mother who passed away in 2000. The couple had two children, and Irwin was beloved around the world when he unexpectedly passed in 2006 in a snorkeling accident.


Despite his tragic passing, Irwin's legacy lives on.

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His wife and family continue to honor his accomplishments. His children have followed in his footsteps. People all over the world still recall his passion for his mission “Conservation Through Exciting Education." And we still remark on his zest for life and his commitment to making the world a better place.

Who better, then, to look to when thinking about how we want to leave our own marks on the world, especially as a new year approaches?


How To Write Your Own Steve Irwin-Inspired Personal Mission Statement

1. Reflect

Start by reflecting on your existence and the purpose you believe you serve in this world. I know this may be intense, but trust me — it’s necessary!

  • Consider what your interests are and the contributions you have made to society so far. Are you proud of those contributions or do you feel as if you could have done more?
  • Think about your passions and what gets your heart pumping! What makes you happy and what makes you frustrated about the world we live in today?
  • Ask yourself, “If I could change anything in this world, what would it be?”

This reflective process will help set the stage for defining your mission statement.

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2. Land on your purpose

After you have reflected, identify your purpose!


Once you’ve identified your purpose and pathway toward it, congratulations you are now ready to formulate your very own Steve-Irwin-inspired mission statement.

3. Fill out the template

From the steps above use this template by Ancestral Habits to create your mission statement. Be sure to be clear and concise.

Ancestral Habits Mission Statement Template

Remember, your goal is to encapsulate your commitment to making a positive impact. So make sure you are intentional with what you write!


There are many reasons why you need a personal vision statement. "Not only does it align your personal and professional visions, but it also gives you a road map to help you succeed," says best-selling author and speaker Nick Leighton.

By creating a vision statement, you are avoiding future distractions that could halt your goals. Vision statements help to inspire you to the finish line — even when times are tough.

"The moral here, thanks to Steve, is to not shy away from the things you feel called to do. Don't dim your enthusiasm for even the quirkiest of callings. Share with the world the unique reasons you were put on this planet, keep your intentions pure, and let your passion guide you. It's contagious and engaging — and if you're not sure about it all, just watch some old Steve Irwin content, and let him do the inspiring," says the author of Ancestral Habits.


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