The Image You See First In This Visual Test Reveals How Romantic You Are

Does romance make you swoon, or is it just an afterthought for you?

how romantic are you quiz

There are two types of people: people who know how to be romantic, and people who don't.

If you think you're a romantic, chances are you embrace that part of yourself. If you are a person who doesn't identify as being romantic, chances are this is something you're just as open about.

While you might think it's pretty clear where you stand on romance, the people in your life might not actually agree with you. One way to determine whether or not you're actually romantic is through a free personality test or optical illusion personality quiz.


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Using this quick and easy visual personality test, you can learn just how romantic you are in a matter of seconds.

Simply look at the optical illusion below and pay close attention to what you notice first. Once you've done that, scroll down and read about how what you saw first reveals just how romantic you are. How easy is that?

how romantic are you personality test


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1. If you saw the boy

If you saw the boy first, people think that you have a childlike passion for all things romantic, even though you don't like to admit it.

While you might think of yourself as a person who is very romantic or even very "girly," the people around you think that at your heart you have a child's desire to experience your own fairy tale ending.

You give off a sense that if romance ever found you in real life, you might ignore it because it could never pass muster.

2. If you saw the girl

If you saw the girl first, people may think that you are obsessed with all things love and romance.


Heck, they probably assume that you carry a copy of "Wuthering Heights" on your person at all times... and they aren't wrong.

You are out and proud about your romantic streak, but sometimes the people around you might get confused and think that love, dating, and mating are all that actually interests you.

3. If you saw the skull

If you saw the skull first, people think you don't waste time, energy, or effort on things like "romance."

The people around you see that you're intelligent and realistic, and they assume this means that you don't engage in things that the average person might call "frivolity."

The truth is, you've got a soft spot for romance when it's done right. You think romance should be personal, specific, and private.


But you're worried if people knew this about you they would start treating you differently.

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