How Energetically Attractive Are You?

Elemental energies control your attractive power to inspire curiosity.

Last updated on May 07, 2024

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You have significant control over what you attract. Having control is always better than lacking.

How energetically attractive are you?

1. Your energy defines your attraction power

I'm not referring to the energy of force and momentum we studied in 10th-grade physics class. The energy that defines attractive ability is the character of the person. This attractive energy is illustrated by the Five Elements of traditional Chinese Medicine. These elements of attractive energy include passion or enthusiasm, caring or kindness, wisdom or resourcefulness, ease or confidence, and respect or power.

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2. The most energetically attractive people are celebrities

Being attractive does not mean you are pretty by some cultural standard. It means people are attracted to your presence. They want to see, hear, and possibly touch you because of your attractive energy and how it makes them feel.

By this definition, beauty is an element of attractive energy. Our cultural views of beauty and celebrity socially assign people with titles of attractive energy, such as confidence and respect. Similarly, we may assign some social positions with respect or power and others with caring or kindness, even though we know these exceptions are socially assigned values.

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3. The Five Elements concept is a guide to energy flow

The energy of the seasons is an example. Winter is the water element with snow and rain. Water creates wood that sprouts in spring. Spring sprouts blossom into summer flowers, the fire element's heat burns until autumn harvest time, the bounty of the earth element, and the plants sink into the soil to give back their minerals, the metal element.

Human life also flows from conception and birth (water) to growth (wood), to expression of passion (fire). We harvest our passion as wealth, family, and social expansion (earth) as we flow into the fall of life, enjoy the wisdom of experience, and slow down to enjoy the shining beauty (metal).

Emotional development flows from being nurtured (Mother Earth) to exploring (water) to boundaries and structure (wood), to love and passion (fire) to validation (metal). There is a flow of energy in a single cell or community of cells, in a single person or community of people. There is also a flow of energy in attraction.

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4. Your attractive energy is influenced by water

Water chooses wisely, calmly, and always confidently (it always reaches its goal by flowing to the ocean or lake, right? Water never fails. You express water energy with confidence and trust in the shifting of your environment. Your ability to flow left, right, fast, or slow and trust the flow as the perfect momentum toward your goal increases your attractiveness.

5. Your attractive energy is influenced by the energy of wood

Wood springs from the soil and stands firmly in its place. You express energy in your control of life structure, boundaries, respect, and power.

6. Your attractive energy is influenced by the energy of fire

Fire is nourished by wood. Fire dances with excitement as it gathers attention from its warmth and brightness. You express fire energy in your highest values and passions as you show them fully without holding back. This enthusiasm for life and your gifts makes you very attractive, indeed.

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7. Your attractive energy is influenced by the energy of the earth

Earth is nourished by fire to care for and provide safety and sustenance for the ones it loves. You express earth energy through your consideration and kindness for others.

8. Your attractive energy is influenced by the energy of metal

Metal is nourished by the earth to extract the richness of the earth's energy and enhance life or create beauty. The pressure of the earth creates diamonds and precious metals. You express metal energy by taking in the richness of life and creating wisdom and resourcefulness from the pressure and strain you endure.

While this doesn't fix or instantly create the life and relationships you desire, it does give a template for identifying what elemental energies you need to expand to become more "attractive."


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Dr. Stone practices Integrated Natural Medicine using a Five Element approach to identify your negative patterns of body and spirit. Dr. Stone's first book, "When Did Natural Become the Alternative!?", examines the thought process of mainstream medicine versus that of a new type of medicine: Integrated Natural Medicine.