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About Todd Stone

I have a particular interest in the root cause of health and happiness deficiencies.  I know that many people are tired and disappointed with symptom based health care and have a deep desire to fully understand “why” they struggle to realize and enjoy full energy and happiness.  We also desire practical approaches to achieve steady progress toward that realization.
Unfortunately, there is a deficiency in “cause seeking” health professionals.  I remember when my painful shoulder was diagnosed as tendonitis…I thought, “well, why is it inflamed?”  I have sat knee to knee with a woman who cheered when I showed her the lab diagnosing a parasite…not for the love of parasites, but because she felt validated after so many years of, “you’re tests are normal, there is nothing wrong with you.” 

I have seen tears of relief just for listening to and believing a client, as her suffering had been discounted so many times.  I have heard many stories of “the cure,” the medication, being worse than the condition, such as a client who was treated for depression with 3 medications, causing severe insomnia lasting several years.  We need doctors who are willing to look beyond naming and suppressing symptoms.

My professional and life work (as I am the first person that I needed to fully energize toward happiness) is digging deeper to root cause, and this determination led me to an ancient philosophy of life, health and happiness called the Five Elements.
The Five Elements philosophy is a guide for deeper connection to who you are on a physical and spiritual level allowing you to rise up from limiting beliefs, patterns, and strategies to realize your full expression of self, including health, energy and happiness.
The patterns you live can either enhance your energy or diminish your energy.  The results you get such as feeling unappreciated or betrayed are the clues you need to change your strategies. 

In my practice and through coaching, I assist patients in identifying these patterns on both a physical and spiritual level using traditional diagnostic testing (lab testing) to identify the stress and inflammation patterns, and the nourishment from natures medicines to shift relieve those patterns.

I also provide careful “listening” to identify archetypal patterns, such as the caretaker, sage, hero, rebel, etc., that have distinguishing results, such as being taken for granted, betrayal, unfaithfulness, resentment, and other undesirable outcomes. 

I identify “triggers” that activate the limiting patterns, such as being ignored, ignorance, unfairness, disruption, and criticism.  And I provide acupressure tapping protocols for relieving the stress physiology of the sensitizing experiences and memories (moving through the pain) and meditative protocols for activating a more resourceful pattern (energizing the value).

Using these techniques, I have watched many medical conditions resolve and be replaced with growing energy and happiness.  The body provides the healing, when the conditions are met for healing.

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