The BetterMe App Will Help Get You Healthy Just By Changing Your Mind

Your health is the most important thing in life.

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“If only I could look like them, I’d be so much happier!” This thought has probably crossed your mind while scrolling through Instagram.

Florida House Experience, a healthcare institution, conducted a study revealing that striking 37 percent of men and 50 percent of women compare their bodies with those on social media unfavorably.

The danger is that it’s not just a quick-passing thought.

A 2019 analysis in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health showed that the widespread online thin ideal leads not only to body dissatisfaction, but also unhealthy weight control measures and disordered eating.


Driven by societal pressure and desire to fit the beauty standard, we most often fail to implement long-lasting changes. We are hungry for a quick-fix that endangers our health instead of improving it.

More than that, the Body Image Journal explored how dissatisfaction with the body and constant weight preoccupation and anxieties might remain even when you achieve your weight goal, a “phantom fat” phenomenon. So, “lighter equals happier” is not a fool-proof approach. 

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What is the solution?

We say: looking for answers from within. True happiness comes from a place of self-love and self-acceptance that are independent of the number on the scale.

Body appreciation, regardless of the current BMI, cultivates the desire to take care of it — an intrinsic motivation to change eating and exercise habits. Such sustainable motivation can bring long-term results. 

And research backs us up.

A study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology tested the impact of intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation for weight loss. Participants with autonomous motivation reported a higher rate of weight loss maintenance after the study, compared to people who felt pressured to lose weight.


Dr. Alison J. Huang also confirms that the source of motivation is key. When willingness to lose weight is based on unrealistic goals instead of self-care reasons or desire to stay healthy, it negatively influences both physical and mental health.

betterme wellness app

What if we told you that real changes start from positive attitude and self-love?

Take the BetterMe quiz now to get a personalized action plan for a healthy lifestyle transformation that’s noticeable, inside and out!


What does self-love mean?

As you realize that self-love is the only sustainable starting point, the next logical question is where to find it. But “find” is not the correct word to use, because you cannot force your mind to love every single detail about you. 

Self-love is a practical skill you can only learn by doing.

It means: Practicing kindness and forgiveness towards yourself; setting goals that contribute to your inner comfort and contentment; building inner strength; developing self-discipline by building new habits and breaking old ones.

There is just one catch: you have to enjoy the process. That’s the component that you were missing before, right?


That’s where BetterMe comes in.

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How can you stay motivated and love your body?

Changes are hard, but it is your mind that makes it impossible to take pleasure in the journey — and makes you quit! 

Whether it’s unclear motivation, lack of support, or just life getting in the way, you can work out (or around) any of the problems if you set your mind to it.

Sounds cliché? No, sounds like science. Psychotherapy, to be precise. 

Mental health professionals use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to change behavior through thoughts.

Experts helped us put this approach to use in a course that “reprograms” your mind for lasting lifestyle changes and weight management, so that in a 50-year timespan, you can thank yourself for good health.


How is BetterMe different?

When it comes to health and fitness apps, a popular opinion online is that wellness is just diet culture repackaged. You might be hesitant that companies want to monetize your insecurities by inducing even more self-criticism. And we understand.

The founder of BetterMe, Victoria Repa, came from an environment where everyone tried to convince her that she was helpless against her excess weight. Thus, she committed to creating a tool that aims to change lifestyles instead of bodies, so you enjoy every minute spent bettering yourself.

The mission of “creating happiness within” is at the core of the BetterMe app.

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5 BetterMe features that promote self-love through lifestyle changes

1. Around 1,800 workouts

Integrating exercise into your lifestyle might seem inaccessible when all you see are young professional athletes in workout videos and already fit gym-goers. Moreover, if you try to follow their routines, you quickly get discouraged, as your body can’t keep up. 

BetterMe promotes body positivity and self-love at any size, and rejects ageism and ableism.

We made sure to include workout programs for different body types and fitness levels, along with senior and wheelchair workouts.

betterme wellness app


2. Customized meal plans

No matter the calorie budget you’ve set for yourself, BetterMe has a meal plan for you. Whether you’re cutting it back to 1,100 calories a day or trying to hit 3,000, we’ve got you covered.

betterme wellness app

3. In-app meditations

We emphasize the importance of mental health and inner calm.


The 5-10-minute in-app meditations help with stress management and finding balance, so you can work on your mindset while sticking to fitness goals.

4. Step counter and water tracker

A built-in step counter and water tracker (with reminders) help you integrate new habits easier.

5. Science-backed motivational tools

Daily articles, FAQs, and the BetterMe blog educate users on science-based approaches to physical and mental wellness. This way, you feel competent and autonomous when taking care of your body, which increases intrinsic motivation even more.

Society has a million things to say about your body, but the only important voice is your own.


Your weight and shape will change as you go through life, which makes self-love and self-care even more important. Start with your mindset and you will be strong and healthy for years, rather than have a “beach body” for one season.

At BetterMe, we believe in the combination of body and mind, so let’s radiate happiness from within — together!

-Created in partnership with BetterMe

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Vira Kondratyuk is a writer who focuses primarily on health and wellness, nutrition, and fitness topics. She supports body positivity and wants to help make fitness accessible and inclusive with her work.