Helen Fisher's Personality Test Reveals Rare Insights Into Your Authentic Self — If You're Truly Honest

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Are you eager to explore what makes you the person you truly are? 

Biological anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher's personality test provides a unique and illuminating opportunity to understand your inner workings, your approach to relationships, and the key drivers behind your behavior.

With over 14 million people across 40 countries having benefited from this test, it's now possible for average, everyday people (like you and me!) to take the test online. 

Let's dig into the Helen Fisher test — what exactly it is, how to take it, and what your results mean.

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What is Dr. Helen Fisher's personality test?

The Helen Fisher Personality Test, also known as the Fisher Temperament Inventory (which she mentioned on the YourTango podcast Open Relationships; Transforming Together), is a scientifically-developed assessment that categorizes individuals into one of four distinct personality types. Dr. Fisher talks more about each of these on the podcast, which is also available via iHeart, Spotify, Apple Music and more.

This test is rooted in extensive research conducted by Dr. Fisher, an expert in the field of human behavior and love. 

Even if you've never read one of Dr. Fisher's books, you've most likely heard about her work. Her TedTalks are some of the platform's biggest hits, particularly when she discussed the science of falling in love

Dr. Fisher's work has explored the role of biological systems in romance, attraction, attachment, heartbreak and more. Along with Dr. Lucy Brown, the two explored specific neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, oestrogen, and testosterone, in shaping our personalities and influencing our interactions with others. 

Dr. Fisher's personality test itself is a series of carefully crafted questions designed to evaluate an individual's temperament, social behaviors, and cognitive styles. By analyzing the responses, the test can determine which of the four primary personality types a person is most closely aligned with.

Here's how to take the Helen Fisher test

  • Find the official test. Your best bet is on Fisher's official website The Anatomy of Love, or affiliates.
  • Complete the test being as honest as possible. Seriously. Be brutally honest with yourself.
  • You'll then receive your personality profile that you can interpret.

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The four personality types, according to Dr. Helen Fisher

1. Builder

(Serotonin): like attracts like

Builders are known for their rule-based systems, their conscientiousness, and their rule-abiding nature. They are highly dependable and excel in creating stable, harmonious environments. If you find yourself categorized as a "Builder", it means you share these qualities and are likely to be attracted to individuals with similar attributes.

Core characteristics: stability, attention to detail, tradition-oriented, and risk aversion.

2. Explorer

(Dopamine): like attracts like

Explorers are driven by the dopamine system and are characterized by their highly curious and emotionally expressive nature. They are spontaneous risk-takers who thrive on novelty and adventure. If you fall into the Explorer category, you are likely to be drawn to individuals who share your zest for excitement and new experiences.

Core characteristics: adventurous, open-minded, daredevils, and passionate.

3. Negotiator

(Oestrogen): opposites attract

Negotiators, driven by oestrogen, are emotionally sensitive and empathetic individuals who excel in social skills and creating harmonious relationships. They are attracted to those with contrasting personality traits, believing that "opposites attract."

Core characteristics: empathetic, harmonious, social butterflies, and hopeless romantics.

4. Director

(Testosterone): opposites attract

Directors are characterized by their tough-minded, analytical, and goal-oriented approach to life. They thrive in leadership roles, are assertive, and excel in problem-solving. If you fall into the Director category, you are more likely to be attracted to individuals who complement your strengths and bring a different perspective to the table.

Core characteristics: analytical, decision-maker, assertive, and independent.

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