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Hairdresser Responds To Harsh Criticism After Installing A Wig On A 1-Year-Old Baby Girl — 'She Was Beautiful Before The Glue'

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A hairdresser is addressing the backlash she received after sharing a video of herself gluing a wig onto a one-year-old baby girl. 

Despite the comments criticizing her for modifying the baby’s already beautiful appearance, the hairdresser explained why she did it in the first place, and claimed that she had her mother’s full consent. 

The hairdresser installed a wig on a one-year-old client. 

A TikTok video posted by the hairdresser (@looks.by.dohby) that has been viewed over 8 million times, depicts the adorable baby having her hair done. 

In order to install the wig, the hairdresser applied a small amount of hair glue on the baby’s forehead. 



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She then placed the wig on and made the necessary adjustments, including styling, cutting, and adding texture to the hair. The end result depicted the baby in pigtails complete with flower hair clips. 

While the little girl did not appear upset throughout the entire process, many viewers were outraged on her behalf. 

Many people had a problem with the baby’s physical appearance being modified at such a young age. 

“She was beautiful before the wig. Let the baby be a baby,” one TikTok user commented. “At every twist and turn we teach our girls their natural beauty isn’t enough,” another user shared. “Projecting our insecurities on our babies…She's perfect the way she is,” another user wrote. 

Others were concerned about the use of hair glue on the baby’s forehead. “This is why people think that hairdressing is for the uneducated........ please remove yourself from our industry,” one fellow hairdresser commented. 

In a follow-up video, the hairdresser defended her decision and claimed that the hairstyle was only done for the baby’s first birthday photoshoot. 

She slammed those who were “throwing a tantrum” in the comments section. 

“I’m a stylist that knows frontal [glue] is not good for kids and the whole let kids be kids,” the stylist wrote in the video’s caption. “But my client wanted this for her baby’s one-year shoot and seriously I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that." 



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She added that the entire process was completely safe for the baby and that she used a minimal amount of glue and no heat during the installation. Both of the baby’s parents were present and had given the stylist their consent, and the hair was removed shortly after the photoshoot. 

In a second follow-up video, the stylist shared the adorable photos that were captured of the baby at her one-year shoot. 

“Y’all out here overreacting,” she wrote in the caption. “She’s a kid! A happy one with lots of love from her mom and dad … A parent knows exactly what's best for their child and would never bring harm to the child.” 



While some people may disagree with modifying a baby’s physical appearance, even if it is just for the cameras, what matters most is the safety and well-being of the child. 

The baby in the video did not appear in any distress or pain while having her hair done. Surely, her parents agree that she is perfect the way she is, but they wanted to add a little pizazz to her first-year birthday pictures to make them more memorable. 

Those who feel differently are not obligated to do the same with their own children. 

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