7 Invisible Habits Of People Who Seem To Glow From Inside

They seem fully satisfied and at-ease, as if happiness comes naturally. The truth is, they work at it.

7 Invisible Habits Of People Who Are Deeply, Spiritually Satisfied Ground Picture | Shutterstock

You might have seen them: the humans who appear to glow from the inside. 

You observe them with less stress on their faces in spaces that bring you anxiety. They move as though they are able to navigate social situations small or large with more ease than many want to muster.

You have likely marveled at how it is that they seem to exude this deep sense of satisfaction with life that others feel is years or a series of major commitments away. What are these glowing ones in all of our communities doing that we haven’t figured out yet? How can we get a sip of what they appear to be consuming?


The axiom that "happiness is an inside job" goes hand-in-hand with spiritual satisfaction. And yes — spiritual satisfaction contributes to happiness. Spiritual satisfaction is far less about finding a new church community, buying a meditation cushion and beginning a spiritual practice, or buying a package of classes at the latest yoga studio to open in your area. 

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Those who glow with spiritual satisfaction practice these seven habits

1. They value their time and guard it 

Curious are those who say no to many of the invitations and opportunities extended to them. They are the ones who see their time as valuable and how they use it as valuable. Each day is viewed as a gift on this earth and they guard their time and commitments through this lens.

2. They make internal peace a priority

Inner peace brings calm and a deeper sense of ease to one’s life. The more peace we feel inside the better we meet the demands of life, our responsibilities and are able to meet the joy in our relationships more readily. Those who prioritize internal peace likely sleep better, too.

3. A connection-oriented mindset drives them

Regardless of their spiritual or religious proclivities, they value connection to others, to art, to music, the world, to animals and to their values. They view each day as a series of opportunities to feel connected to the world around them and desire to contribute their energy to these points of connection.

4. They make internal boundaries a priority

Internal boundaries are our capacity to put boundaries around our thoughts and emotions. For instance — setting a timer rather than ruminating or venting for hours and holding ourselves to that time limit.


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5. Personal accountability is a high-ranking value for them

These humans take responsibility for their words, choices and treatment of others.

6. They accept more than they judge others

Accepting people for who they are vs how we would like them to show up is an act of grace.  Grace is an embodiment of deep, spiritual satisfaction.

7. They embody integrity

They do what they say they will do and they say what they mean.

Furthermore, spiritual satisfaction comes from a deep sense of connection to something larger than oneself. Universe/Source/God sure — as well as feeling connected to nature, other humans, animals, purpose, motivation, a common goal, an organization and its mission, etc. 


Consider cultivating any of these seven, hidden habits to bring more of a glow to your life.

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Angela Bixby is a certified psychic medium and Reiki master. She helps connect people to their consciousness and their intuition.