5 Fake Spiritual Gestures That Are The Opposite Of Evolved

People think these things make them seem elevated or wise, but they're wrong.

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Immersing yourself in the mystical world has many wonderful benefits. There is so much spiritual wisdom being pumped out and shared today as new people are awakening every day. How can you determine what is valid for you and what is total nonsense that might actually cause more stress?

There are some things to watch out for that can seem spiritual, but are in fact taking you off track. Discernment about knowing what mystical steps to take can be challenging at times.


My goal when working with my clients is to find what feels right to you. Not your sister, your best friend, or your spiritual leader.

You have your own guidance system if you find a way to access it, practice it, and learn to trust it. This process can be as ultra simple as closing your eyes and asking yourself internally, “Is this good for me? Should I try it?”

Almost everybody gets an immediate answer doing this. It’s just that you often doubt the answer or think you are making it up. Such denial causes you to ignore the answers you do get, and continue asking, so you end up super confused.


Yet, this skill is essential in a world with so few boundaries and everybody promoting their own brand of spiritual enlightenment.

How can you know if something is a fake spiritual gesture that is actually the opposite of evolved?

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Here are five examples of spiritual gestures that are not authentic or evolved

1. Telling other people what to believe, think or feel

Any time you insist you’ve got the only way to process or believe in something, you are already out of alignment. The ancient proverb that states “There are many ways up the mountain” suggests that your way might be true, and still not resonate with others.

Don’t push your belief system, viewpoint, or solutions on someone else, telling them this is the only way to go. Each person must find their own path — that is a big part of the spiritual journey.

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2. Being proudly unapologetic about beliefs — the the point of rudeness

Like being "brutally honest" even when it's unnecessarily hurtful, being rude to in your "unapologeticness" regarding beliefs and choices is just that — rude.


Being unapologetic is not a spiritual free pass to be unkind, shove your beliefs on people or trash others' beliefs.

There is nothing wrong with being proud of forging your own path in life and making bold choices. It’s exciting to feel like you are in charge of your destiny and you don’t need to explain yourself to anyone.

However, getting in people’s faces about their decisions or holding their beliefs over somebody’s head isn't spiritual or brave.

Making others uncomfortable by forcing your path on them is not a spiritual gesture. The point is to feel good about what you are doing, not make others uneasy with that same information.


It’s important to be respectful of other people’s choices if you want that same respect from them.

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3. Broadly stating that "nobody can hurt you without your permission" 

It is true for many people that others hurt them when they don’t have strong boundaries. In other words, they "allow" people to hurt them by not standing up for or defending themselves.

However, this is a super simplistic viewpoint that doesn’t apply as easily to many people, including those in dire situations.

Just one small example of many: If you live paycheck-to-paycheck and are treated poorly by your boss in a tight job economy, you might not be in a position to just quit and find something more aligned with who you are. This is particularly true for single parents with children that have to keep a roof overhead and food on the table.


Be compassionate when pointing out this “basic spiritual truth” to people who you think you are helping. Standing up for yourself, creating firm boundaries, and not taking crap from superiors or co-workers might be an empowering step, but it can take time.

Some situations are just more difficult than others, and it's not spiritual to assume you know what anyone else's experience is like. 

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4. Asking for peace, but using wartime tactics 

There was a billboard on the highway where I used to drive home. Every day I would see this advertisement posted by a local church group. The message was short, “I Wage Peace.”


Again, this is not an evolved concept or method for achieving peace. To quote Albert Einstein, “We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

When you wage war, you are committed to fighting until you win or conquer. That will never work for peace.

To create peace, you have to come from a harmonious state of being. This begins with understanding, a willingness to communicate and negotiate, so everyone can feel they won at least something.

While the intention might have been a positive one, the group was unknowingly encouraging people to wage war on peace with the billboard. This is the opposite mindset from what is needed and demonstrates unevolved energy.


Forcing peace will not produce the same kind of outcome as when all parties are committed to the peace process.

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5. Calling yourself a 'spiritual gangster'

Similar to the point above, words have deep meaning and an energy of their own. That's why the combination of Spiritual Gangster is an oxymoron — two contradictory terms placed together.


Other examples include jumbo shrimp, organized mess, or completely unfinished. These words do not work together well, since they communicate opposites. These are funny examples, but there are others that are not so funny.

Spiritual gangster might sound like a cool nickname, but is an inaccurate and unevolved term. The word "gangster" is associated with violent criminals or gangs using force to maintain power and hold territory. There’s nothing spiritual about this.

If you are proud of your spirituality and ability to stand up for yourself and others, consider a more apt descriptor. A better choice might be “spiritual warrior,” because then you can be committed to defending your community if required versus taking advantage of others for the sake of power.

Ultimately, the spiritual path is not always easy and there can be many challenges along the way. Stay true to yourself, listen to your own inner wisdom, and tread lightly when it comes to sharing your truth and you will do well on your journey.


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Ronnie Ann Ryan is an Intuitive Coach and Past Life Reader. She offers a complimentary audio course  How to Ask the Universe for a Sign for people who want to get the answers from a higher source within 24 hours.