People With The Most Conscientious Personality Type Share These 5 Dark Traits

Even the most reliable personalities have a dark side.

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The 16 personality types in the Myers-Briggs spectrum all have strengths and weaknesses, but they also have a dark side that hides quietly beneath the surface of their other personality traits.

For the ESTJ personality type (which stands for Extraversion, Sensing, Thinking, and Judging), this practical, organized, and reliable Myers-Briggs personality type has plenty of negative traits that seem to contradict their strengths.


Still, ESTJ strengths include being educated leaders who advocate for important causes. They are excellent organizers who are great at delegating tasks, all to make the world a better place by speaking their minds.

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Despite these positive traits, ESTJs tend to get in their own way.

5 Dark Traits of the ESTJ Personality Type

1. Stubborn

ESTJs are inflexible and stubborn. They think they know everything, and if you don't agree with them or change your plans for them, they get angry.

People with this personality type really want others to see it their way. But because they are always planned and never spontaneousness, it's hard for them to adjust their thinking and adapt to a new situation.

2. Tense

ESTJs are uncomfortable with unconventional situations, especially where things don't go their way. They are the masters of their domain and don't want anybody spoiling that. Situations that are not to their liking make them jumpy.


ESTJs need to learn that not everything is about them and to go with the flow, rather than messing things up for everybody around them. Uncomfortable situations will arise; that's just part of life.

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3. Judgmental

ESTJs love to judge people even when they have flaws of their own. They make judgments about others to feel good amount themselves, but it's because their self-esteem is low and they need confirmation by bullying other people.

ESTJs tend to put people down without even knowing it. But they must understand that bullying others will not give them confidence or strength. Instead, they should look in the mirror and see themselves for who they really are.


4. Snobby

Focusing on what is socially acceptable makes ESTJs seem quite snobby. In fact, some might say it's the biggest of the ESTJ weaknesses.

This personality type loves to be the center of attention — so much so that they have to be the leaders in their social groups. But they are focused so intently on their social status that they will risk their physical and mental health.

Appearances are everything to ESTJs, but they can lead a much healthier life when they feel good on the inside. So, it's for the best that ESTJs come back down to earth and stop being so stuck up.

5. Stoic

Even when they're feeling overwhelmed, ESTJs lack emotion and come off callous. They don't express emotions because they think it's a sign of weakness, but showing a little humility is what makes people relatable.


When ESTJs don't express emotions, it makes people not want to be around them. For ESFJs, showing a little empathy won't hurt them.

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