Employee Says The Best Day To Take Time Off From Work Is Thursday

Thursday is just a pre-Friday.

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If you are feeling burnt out at work and need to take a day off, chances are you'll choose either Monday or Friday to give yourself a long weekend.

One employee revealed, however, that waiting to extend the weekend is the wrong move. 

The employee says that Thursday is the best day of the week to take off. 

Sharing their beliefs on the subreddit, r/unpopularopinion, the employee acknowledged the fact that most people believe that Monday, Wednesday, or Friday are the optimal days to take off from work. 


“If you ask people what is the best day of the week to take time off they would respond as Monday, Friday, or Wednesday,” they wrote. 

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“Monday, and Friday to extend the weekend and Wednesday to break the week into two smaller parts.” 

However, the Redditor argued that Thursday is actually the optimal day to take off, and their reasoning kind of makes sense. “You will not feel Wednesday blues as Thursday is a holiday,” the employee wrote. “Your body is tired after three days of work so a break is meaningful.” 

The employee also claimed that taking off on a Thursday would properly recharge your body to tackle Friday. “People are already checked out on Friday with 35% of typical day productivity and interruptions.” 

They make a valid point. According to an interdisciplinary study at the Texas A&M School of Public Health, employees are less active and are prone to make more mistakes on Friday afternoons. 


This is often due to burnout and exhaustion after consistently working for five days straight. Taking Thursday off would allow your brain some much-needed rest to return to work on top of your game. 

“Dragging your tired body [to work] on Friday is much worse than when you had a day off knowing very well it would be a short day,” the employee added. 

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While many workers may not even consider Thursday to be an ideal day to take off work, a lot of them love Thursdays for other reasons. 

For many employees, however, Thursday isn't really the worst day of the week. There is a sense of relief knowing that you’ve survived the majority of the week, and you anticipate the next day being one step closer to the weekend. 




“Thursday is the best. It falls late enough in the week — especially if you work in an office — that most people have chilled the [expletive] out,” Journalist Austin L. Ray wrote in an article for The Outline.

“The first few days have been wild, yes, but y’all got [expletive] done. Thursday feels like a much-deserved break.” 

Overall, Thursdays strike a balance between the demands of the workweek and the relaxation of the upcoming weekend, making them enjoyable for many people. 


If you want to enjoy your Thursday to the fullest, you might as well take the day off work! 

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