Elderly Woman Got A Scathing Response From Domino's After Complaining About A Pizza But Service Workers Are Firmly On The Pizza Guy's Side

The customer is not always right.

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After being disappointed with a pizza she ordered from Domino’s, a woman filed a complaint with corporate, who contacted the store’s general manager. 

However, instead of apologizing for the inconvenience, the manager sent the woman a scathing response, letting her know exactly how he felt about her complaint. 

Many people, especially those who have worked in customer service, sided with the manager and applauded him for his response. 


The store manager told the elderly customer not to order from the store again if she was unhappy with her pizza. 

The customer’s relative (@t.witherspoon) took to TikTok to share a screenshot of the searing message the woman received from a Domino’s pizza store general manager after filing a complaint about a recent order she made. 



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Although the customer did not specify what exactly was wrong with the pizza, the woman, who is in her 60s, was so affronted by her order that she filed a complaint with corporate. She was then connected with Noah, the general store manager of the particular Domino’s located in Georgia. 

“I have reviewed your complaint about a recent order,” Noah wrote. 

“How about this for a resolution: don’t [expletive] order here. You’re not getting a refund or any credits, so go [expletive] yourself.” 

“Hope that clears up anything further. Have a great day!” 

Now, the customer's relative is encouraging others to reach out to Domino’s to report the manager. 

“How do you have people working for y’all to send customers messages like that?” she asked. “Have some [expletive] class.” 


The woman most likely believed that the majority of people would take her side, presuming that Noah’s response was cruel and unprofessional. 

Woman Got A Scathing Response From Domino's After Complaining About A PizzaPhoto: vadimguzhva / Canva Pro

However, she was in for a rude awakening when nearly the entire internet justified Noah’s response, claiming that there was a side of the story that the woman had failed to tell. 


Most people took Noah's side, believing that the customer was the one who was acting unreasonably. 

“Bring me back when Noah shares his side because I know that this isn’t the whole story,” one TikTok user commented. 

“I’m giving Noah a high-five and a raise,” another user wrote. 

Others criticized the woman for taking the time to file a complaint to corporate over a pizza.

“Everybody’s asking, ‘Why did the manager speak like this?’ My question is, ‘How do you have so much time in your day that you call corporate over a pizza?’” TikTok user Aurora Bee said in her video. 



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She also asked the woman if she called the store directly or had any photographic evidence that the pizza had been botched before complaining to corporate and possibly putting the manager’s job at risk. 

Many people even praised Noah for his response, noting that his response is what all of us who have ever worked in customer service have wanted to say to unruly customers. 

“Noah just said what every retail worker wants to say… he’s had enough,” TikTok user Tracy claimed in a video. 



“Noah just casually reminding the general public that the customer is not always right!” another user noted in the comments. 


Sometimes, the customer isn't always right.

It is important to note that we only hear the woman’s side of the story. Certainly, Noah has his own version of events that transpired before he sent his response. 

Despite the pervasive notion that "the customer is always right" in the service industry, many frontline workers understand that this belief doesn't always hold true, recognizing that customers can be mistaken or unreasonable in their demands. 

Not all customers behave appropriately or respectfully towards employees, and their requests may be impossible to fulfill.


It is up to business owners and managers to determine if a customer’s complaints are valid and if they can fix the problem. 

However, those of us who have worked in customer service know all too well the ludicrous behavior we have to deal with from customers and how we all secretly wish we could’ve spoken to them the way Noah had. 

Elderly Woman Got A Scathing Response From Domino's After Complaining About A Pizza But Service Workers Are Firmly On The Pizza Guy's Side Photo: fizkes / Shutterstock 


Even if you’ve never worked in the customer service industry, it's basic courtesy to recognize that your waiter, cashier, or delivery driver is human and just doing their best. 

If your pizza is not to your liking, kindly let them know so they can work on their preparation for next time instead of wailing to corporate and putting their job on the line over something that can easily be fixed. 

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