Don't Make Any Major Decision Until You Can Truthfully Answer 8 Questions

Embrace the power of focused inquiry.

Man pondering questions he frequently asks himself to help him focus what really matters Masood Aslami | Pexels

Feeling aimless has taken up a considerable chunk of my experience. I’ve gone around in circles; I’ve wasted time, and I’ve created unnecessary stress and overthinking. When I got into coaching and committed my life to mastering this skill, I learned the power of focused inquiry. I often ask my clients these questions, and their lives change. I ask myself these questions too, and they always energize me and create clarity on what I need to do next.


Don't make any major decisions until you can truthfully answer 8 questions:

1. How do I want to be remembered?

This makes us aware of what’s truly important to us in our lives beyond the superficial. This takes us out of survival mode and into what impact we’d love to make — one greater than ourselves.

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2. What is the problem I wake up to every morning?

It’s amazing how creative we can all be in avoiding the stressful things that continue to show up. What are you tolerating that you need to deal with?

3. What things, places, habits, and people fill me with energy?

You can be sure these things are worth doing more of. Understanding how we use energy is vital in considering what should matter to you.

4. What would I want if I knew I couldn’t fail?

We often block ourselves psychologically from committing to something because we fear failure. With failure no longer part of the equation, determining what’s important to us becomes clear.

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5. What does my heart long for?

Reflect on this for a while. You might be surprised at what you find when you open up a channel between your imagination and your soul.

6. When were times I felt most alive?

What were you doing? How could you bring more of this kind of thing into your life? An alive life is the only kind worth living, is it not?

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7. What isn’t working for me in my life right now?

We can go an entire lifetime turning our attention away from those things that drain us or conflict with our joy. Get honest with yourself, and call them out. Realize you have one life. Commit to changing what isn’t working, so you can live your best life.


8. What would you do if you knew you had a year to live?

How much time we perceive we have left can have a surprising effect on what we do with our time. When a real constraint is brought in, we might be surprised by how our priorities change.

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Alex Mathers is a writer and coach who helps you build a money-making personal brand with your knowledge and skills while staying mentally resilient.