A Dad Has A Message For The Parents Of Two Teenage Boys At The Trampoline Park Who Were Jumping With His Little Boy

He expressed gratitude and praised the teenagers and their parents for raising compassionate individuals.

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If you have young children, taking them to trampoline parks is a great way to ensure that they burn off energy and get in some physical activity. However, trampoline parks also come with inherent risks that parents should be mindful of. 

While jumping on trampolines, smaller children are susceptible to injuries due to their size, especially if other larger children are jumping alongside them. 

When one father in Montana took his young son to a trampoline park, he quickly realized that he had nothing to worry about when two older kids approached him while he was jumping. 


The father shared a heartwarming message for the parents of the two teen boys who were jumping with his son at the trampoline park.

The father, known as The Bearded Bard on TikTok, shared heartwarming video clips of his son jumping with the two older boys at Get Air Trampoline Park in Billings, Montana. As the Bard’s son, who looks to be around 7 or 8 years old, jumps on a trampoline, two teenage boys approach him and jump alongside him. 



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“I don’t even know how it happened; they started jumping with him, and he just went with it,” the father said. “They stayed with him … for probably 45 minutes, and every time they did all the jumping with him, they made sure to catch him if he was gonna fall.” 

The man watched his son have “the best time” with his two new friends, claiming that all three of them were “cracking up” the entire time they were together. The two teens helped his son learn how to do a flip and taught him new jumping tricks. 

The Bard couldn't help but feel overwhelmed with gratitude. “Those boys did not have to entertain my kid at all. That’s my job,” he said. “These are the kind of people we need to be raising more of.” 

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He said that he has yet to have a negative interaction with teenagers at the trampoline park. 

Bard argued that teenagers are misunderstood and labeled as immature brats when, in reality, it was teenagers who demonstrated support toward his son, while an older woman expressed rudeness to his daughter by telling her that she would “never be as good as the boys” while she was playing in the dodgeball area. 

He was sure to give a shoutout to the teenage boys and their parents, who raised wonderful human beings, telling them they should be "proud."

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Other people were moved by the teenage boys’ actions and praised them for their devotion and kindness. 

“This is the only ‘boys will be boys’ I want to see in this world!” one TikTok user commented. 

“As a middle school teacher, this warms my heart,” another user shared. “We don’t always give young people enough credit for their attempts to be part of the community around them.” 

The Bard even thanked the teenage boys by purchasing a gift card to use the next time they visited the trampoline park. 

While trampoline parks provide spaces for children to get some exercise, they can also be dangerous when not used safely. 

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and others, roughly 100,000 trampoline-related injuries are treated in U.S. emergency rooms every year. 34% of trampoline injuries occur at trampoline parks. 55% of trampoline park injuries result in fractures and dislocations. 


Over the last seven years, six people have died from trampoline park-related injuries, per CBS News

Many injuries occur on trampolines when people of different sizes are jumping on them at the same time. Different jumpers may have varying weights, heights, and jumping styles, causing uneven bouncing patterns on the trampoline surface. This uneven bouncing can destabilize other jumpers and increase the risk of falls.

Many trampoline parks have limited space, which increases the likelihood of jumpers landing too close to each other, resulting in collisions and injuries.


Since many children of different ages often jump at the same at trampoline parks, older kids should take precautions. 

If they notice a younger child about to fall or be in a dangerous position, they should step in to guard them like the two teenage boys in The Bard's account.

It takes a village to look out for children, and demonstrating kindness and protection does not go unnoticed. 

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