Dad Decides To ‘Make A Point’ After He's Accused Of Stealing A Coffee Mug While On A Field Trip With His 2nd Grader

He decided to turn the accusations of theft into a marketing opportunity.

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Sometimes, it's encouraged to take the high road, and other times, there is room for a little bit of pettiness every now and again. 

A dad named Roy Wier decided to choose the latter, admitting that while on a field trip with his son, he was accused of stealing something from the gift shop and decided to take matters into his own hands to prove that he hadn't.

He chose to 'make a point' after being accused of stealing a coffee mug while on a field trip with his 2nd grader.

"I went on a field trip with my eight-year-old a couple of weeks ago, and after the field trip, I got a call from the principal," Wier recalled. He explained that he'd accompanied his son's school as a chaperone to a small-town museum historical center, and apparently, one of the volunteers claimed that he'd left the gift shop with a coffee mug without paying for the item.


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The principal of the school ended up calling him about it, and Wier argued that while he may not be rich, his financial situation did not require him to steal a coffee mug that was only a couple of dollars during a school trip with his child. 


However, he still decided to double-check his car because Wier has ADHD and will occasionally do things that may have slipped his mind, but found that there was no mug anywhere in his possession.

"[I] called back the gift shop, got it all straightening out. Turns out they had checked their inventory and realized that was the case after accusing me," Wier continued. "And I thought, well, this is a marketing opportunity."

He ended up going back to that same gift shop and buying mugs for all the employees at his child's school.

After learning that he didn't, in fact, steal a single coffee mug from the museum's gift shop, he immediately called the principal back and asked how many people were on staff at the school.

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Once he learned that it was around 60 employees, he went back to the gift shop and paid the retail price for 64 coffee mugs.

"Then I took them to a friend of mine and had him make these stickers and put them on here," he added. The stickers read, "Definitely not stolen," along with the names of his two small businesses. After getting the mugs back with the stickers placed on them, Wier explained that he would now be boxing them up to take with him to school as gifts.

Since it was the last week of school, he didn't know how much of a worthwhile endeavor they'd be, but it was more about taking a stand than anything else. 

In total, he spent $1,000 on all of those mugs and getting the stickers placed on them, but it was more than enough to let the employees at his child's school know that he's not a thief and can afford to buy his own coffee mugs from a gift shop.


By turning an out-of-pocket accusation that ended up having no merit into a humorous yet pointed response, Wier not only defended his reputation and integrity but also took the high road in his own way — adding a dash of pettiness just to make it memorable.

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