Company Tells Job Candidate That They Will Not Be Able To Take The Day Off For Their College Graduation

No job — especially a temporary one — is worth missing such a significant life event.

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After being offered a temporary position at a fast-food restaurant, one job candidate ultimately decided to reject the offer because they would be expected to work during one of the most important days of their life.

The job candidate was expected to work on their college graduation day.

Sharing their story on the subreddit, r/antiwork, the candidate explained that they recently interviewed for a position at a fast food chain to make some extra money before graduating college.


After filling out the paperwork and discussing availability, the candidate was told by management that they would be expected to work night shifts every weekend. "I can understand it, for a temporary job," she wrote.

What she couldn't understand, however, was the negative reaction she received from the hiring manager when she requested the day off for her college graduation.

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“They reacted very sadly when I told them that I'm going to need a day or two in July for my Uni graduation,” the candidate wrote. “That was the moment I decided I was not going to work for them.”

When the manager of the fast-food restaurant later called the candidate to ask if they were still interested in the position, they claimed that they had “found something else” despite still being on the job hunt.

Now the candidate is asking others online if they made a mistake. 

Most people assured the candidate they made the right decision and should never miss out on celebrating major milestones for a job.

“Don't give up life events for minimum wage,” one Redditor commented. “You'll remember your graduation for the rest of your life, don't waste it on a job,” another user wrote.


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“You should have told them you are declining because they wouldn’t let you take graduation off, not because you found something else,” another Redditor urged. To that, the OP responded, commenting that she wished she had, but "unfortunately was caught off guard" by the phone call. 


Others believed that the candidate should have accepted the job, earned some money, and simply just not shown up to work on their graduation day — even if they were put on the schedule.

Ultimately, a disposable part-time job is not worth missing your college graduation, especially after the years of dedication you put in to earn your degree.

The difficult truth is that most employers, especially those who hire temporary workers, view their employees as replaceable. As one commenter wrote, "If they really, really wanted/needed you, they'd accommodate for those two days."

Luckily for employees, jobs are also replaceable, and this Reddit poster will surely find a new one. 


What's not replaceable is the opportunity to walk the stage at graduation and celebrate their educational achievements.

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