The 7 Chakras You Must Practice To Be 99% Calmer

The art of being calm.

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The energy flowing through your body is a constant everyday, all-day thing. A flow of positive energy will attract positive people and potential partners into your life. When you radiate confident, loving energy, that is what you will attract. We have seven energy centers in our body known as the Seven Chakras. The "Root" or base Chakra is where our survival energy is located. The Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine — it is the closest energy center to the earth, and it is the energy here that grounds us. If you feel that all of your relationships are unsettled and that everyone seems to be upset/chaotic, you would probably benefit from a nice grounding exercise


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How to practice the seven charkas:

1. Ground your energies: feel connected to the earth  

This will allow the feeling of safety and stability in every relationship. Being grounded keeps you in a space of wanting to enjoy, and be happy and creates an innate desire to be free of painful, possibly chronic pain-filled thoughts. Become free of painful nagging thoughts that make you feel chaotic and/or unstable. The following is a grounding exercise that will help you ignite that energy in the Root Chakra. It will keep you in a space of peace and attract the people you want and desire in your life.

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Find a quiet place for just 3-5 minutes. Sit with your feet on the ground and your hands in your lap (palm up). Allow your breath to be deep and focus on it. Keep it simple. Visualize any stressful thoughts, or feelings of anxiety draining out of your body. Even if you don't feel this (you will, after practicing a few times) the first couple of times, you may just have to 'imagine' you are feeling it! Now imagine that strong energy is entering your body through your palms; the calming energy that the earth has to give. Visualize this energy coming in through your palms, up through your arms, then down through your body. Finally, visualize this energy being an extension of who you are and grounding you to the center of the earth. This is very powerful — expect to feel energized and calm at the end of it.

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2. Start a new habit of connecting with nature 

Look out the window and really "see" the color of the sky. See the shape of the clouds, the color of the trees, and the way the branches reach out. You will discover that just gazing out of a window will maximize the energy in your Root Chakra. It seems relatively simplistic, and it truly is that easy. The calming effect will radiate from you. Now imagine how great it would be to have a relationship with someone who lacks drama and chaos in this way — pretty enticing, right?


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3. Begin to examine how attached you are to possessions

When you find yourself more worried about what you HAVE versus how you FEEL, the need to disconnect with things and reconnect with internal bliss is needed. Begin to hear how you speak to yourself. Be sure that you become aware and eliminate negative self-talk. That will not only eliminate any unwanted pain in your life but will again attract people to you who feel the same way. Positive attracts positive!

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Bobbi Anderson is a life coach, hypnotist, and Reiki Master who helps her clients with a more holistic approach to their life's journey.