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Bus Driver Takes Action After Noticing A Little Boy Crying Because He Didn't Have Any PJs On Pajama Day

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Bus drivers are the unsung heroes of school communities. Not only do they safely transfer our children to and from school, but sometimes they even go the extra mile to prove to our little ones just how much they care about them. 

One bus driver in Kentucky went above and beyond for one of his students after he noticed the little boy boarded the bus crying one day. 

The bus driver learned the little boy was upset because he didn’t have any pajamas to wear for Pajama Day at school.

When 35-year-old Larry Farrish Jr. arrived to pick up first-grader Levi at his usual spot, he was surprised to discover the little boy sitting on the ground with his jacket pulled over his head. It wasn’t like Levi, who usually had a big grin on his face when Farrish Jr. picked him up before school, to look so glum. 

When the bus driver asked Levi what was wrong, he broke down in tears and told him that he would be unable to participate in Pajama Day at Engelhard Elementary School since he didn’t own a pair of pajamas. 



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Heartbroken by Levi’s confession, Farrish Jr. knew that he had to do something. “I thought, ‘I gotta fix this,” he told TODAY. “It hurt me so bad. That just wasn’t my Levi, and I wanted him to have a good day. No child should have to miss out on something as small as pajama day.” 

Farrish Jr. went to the store to buy Levi his very own pajamas. 

After he finished dropping off the kids in the morning, Farrish Jr. took a trip to his local Family Dollar to pick up a few pairs of different-size pajamas, hoping to give at least one of them to that fit Levi. 

According to the school, Farrish Jr. then dropped the pajamas off at the school’s main office and asked if the staff could deliver them to Levi. 

“It really turned the whole Friday around, for him and for me,” the bus driver said.

Little Levi expressed his appreciation for Farrish Jr.’s kind deed. “I’m usually really happy, but not on pajama day… When he got me the pajamas, I did a happy cry,” he said in a school news release. 

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Farrish Jr. reported that he was overwhelmed with messages of support from strangers nationwide after Jefferson County Public Schools shared the story on their social media. 

“For people to actually be able to find me and reach out on behalf of such a small gesture, it made me cry,” he revealed. “It feels good knowing I made an impact on a child’s life.” 

Farrish Jr., who began working as a school bus driver seven years ago, claims it has been 'the most fulfilling job' he’s ever had. 

“They become my kids after they leave their parents,” he told school officials. “I make sure they get to and from school safe, but I also try to bring some type of joy to their lives.” 

Bus Driver Takes Action After Noticing A Little Boy Crying On Pajama DayPhoto: FatCamera  / Canva Pro

Farrish Jr. and Levi’s heartwarming story just goes to show us that teachers are not the only ones in the school community who can make a profound difference in students’ lives. 

School bus drivers have the opportunity to build positive relationships with students and start their day on the right foot. Greeting students warmly, engaging in friendly conversations, and showing genuine interest in their well-being can create a supportive and welcoming atmosphere. 

They can also serve as students’ biggest role models by demonstrating responsibility, respect, and kindness. Their actions and interactions with students can influence behavior and attitudes, teaching important life skills such as patience, tolerance, and empathy.  

Farrish Jr.'s kindness towards students is something that they will carry with them for a lifetime. 

To many people, a pair of pajamas may be just that and nothing more — to Levi, it was the best gift in the world

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