Bride Asks Maid Of Honor To Look Better Than What She Looks Like Now — 'Like When We Met'

This request was just a glimpse into her toxic behavior.

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A wedding is meant to be a joyous occasion celebrating the love of a happy couple. But with the pressure to make every last detail perfect, a bit of drama is almost inevitable, especially when friends and family spend much more time together than usual in the weeks and months leading up to the big day.

One woman learned this the hard way when she tried to be a good maid of honor for her future sister-in-law, but couldn’t handle the bride-to-be’s attitude.


The anonymous woman took to Reddit to share her struggles and get advice. She stated that her brother and her good friend were getting married, which seemed to be a great thing — until it wasn’t. 

The bride-to-be insulted the maid of honor, calling her 'tacky.'

Initially, the woman was excited for her brother and his fiancé, as she introduced the couple to one another. They "met at my birthday party and they dated in secret for a year before telling me and our mutual friends,” she shared. 

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When they got engaged she was thrilled for her brother, who was her only family. “He asked me to be his Best Woman (a female best man) because he and I have always been incredibly close," she wrote. "[His fiancé] frowned at him and said that was ridiculous and I obviously should be her MOH since we're friends and a female and 'women go on the bride's side.'"

"I told them I was happy to stand for them on either side because, at the end of the day, it's about them as a couple, not the individuals, and whatever they wanted worked," she said. "I'm an idiot."

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Almost immediately after agreeing to be her soon-to-be sister-in-law's maid of honor, red flags began to present themselves.


Her friend expected her to spend exorbitant amounts of money on the wedding, paying for everything from the bridesmaids’ dresses to the bachelorette party. She also expected her to plan the wedding and be her makeup artist. The woman was bothered by all of this, but went along with it, making compromises where she could to keep the peace.



Everything fell apart when the bride and her bridesmaids gathered for a “planning party.” One of the other women stated that she wanted to dye her hair to a color resembling the maid of honor’s red hue. The bride said that "she's no bridezilla but she would prefer only one of us look that tacky.”

When the maid of honor questioned the bride further, everything came out. “She wanted me to change my look back to ‘when you were so pretty like when we met,’” the maid of honor shared. “That meant going back to my natural light brown hair, losing weight… and wearing shapewear to fit in a smaller dress.”


The maid of honor was understandably shocked and hurt. She even offered to wear a wig to the wedding, but after thinking about the situation, she decided she would rather step down from her role.

But the drama didn't end there.

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Because of the bride’s behavior, the wedding was called off.

In an update to her original post, the maid of honor shared that she was debating whether or not she should tell her brother what happened when the choice was made for her.

One of the other bridesmaids who was present at the planning party reached out to him and suggested he check in on his sister. She also sent some videos of events the bridesmaids had all attended in which the bride berated his sister.


“I don’t remember seeing him so mad in my life,” she said.

In a second update, the maid of honor clarified that she was not the only subject of the bride’s wrath, as evidenced by the videos taken by the other bridesmaid. “Not all of it was her hurling insults at me as some are from outings I could not attend and she put down others,” she shared.

In a third and final update, the maid of honor shared how her brother handled the situation. He invited his fiancée to his house to have dinner and recorded their conversation.

First, she lied about finances, saying that she had paid for everything herself, and the maid of honor had pushed her to make more extravagant purchases. “She made me out to be this diva,” the woman wrote.


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Then, the brother played the videos sent by the other bridesmaid for her. “Allow me to be very clear,” he said. “I know you’ve been lying to me. So tell me the truth.”


The brother let his fiancée know that what upset him more than her lying was how she treated his sister. The bride made one last desperate attempt to save the wedding and claimed she was pregnant. No one believed her.

Now, the sister and brother are back to their positive, healthy relationship. They have grown closer with the bridesmaid and friend who helped them. The groom is even considering keeping his venue rental to throw a party for friends on what would have been his wedding day.

This brother and sister have been through a lot together and are a true testament to developing a stronger bond after going through adversity. Hopefully, they can move forward with their lives happily.

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