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Bride 'Demands' Bridesmaids Drop Down To A Size 8 By The Wedding Day & Donate $500 For Her Honeymoon

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A woman dropped out of being a bridesmaid at her friend's wedding when the bride-to-be listed her intense demands for her bridal party — including a request for drastic weight loss.

A now-former-bridesmaid posted the bride’s message on A Reddit subreddit titled r/ChoosingBeggars, explaining, “I’ve officially dropped out of the bridal party. I’m a size 12 with no plans on dropping to a size 8 by December.”

The bride texted her bridal party to demand they lose weight and give her money.

The bride expected all of her bridesmaids to fit into the size 8 dresses she chose for her wedding day, along with donating $500 to her honeymoon fund.

“Welcome to my bridal party, I’m so excited to marry the man of my dreams,” her text began. “As you know, this is going to be a very different wedding,” continuing on to say that she planned to hold her wedding outdoors in December.

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“Just a few things to ask. I hand-picked all the dresses and bridesmaid[s] that will be there and they will all be a size 8. So if you’re not a size 8, I recommend hitting the gym,” the bride explained, using the googly-eyed, tongue-out emoji to underscore her unreasonable expectation. “No offense to anyone, but I have had this planned since I was in diapers and want it perfect.”

The bride listed her other expectations for her bridesmaids’ appearances, including the rules that “Your nails need to be cut short and uncolored. Hair length needs to be shoulder length and straightened so if your hair is short, get extensions. No fake tans.”

“I’m sorry if this seems like a lot of demands, but… [I] just want it like I always pictured,” the bride stated. “Please be respectful and we will have an awesome time.”

Along with her list of demands, the bride also sent her Venmo and Cash App 'to the ones who haven’t paid the $500 donation towards [her] honeymoon in Hawaii.'

'Love you guys, can’t wait to be a wifey,' the bride ended her message.

The bride is certainly entitled to wanting her wedding day to be special, but her rigid requests about how her bridesmaids should look place a premium on physical appearance, and not on the emotional meaning behind getting married.

The top comment beneath the Reddit post was “I’m just curious what her reaction was when you dropped out. She seems like the type to take it personally and lose her s–t.”

The woman who posted the bride’s message explained, “She was ‘hurt’ but said she figured I wouldn’t be able to drop the weight since I recently gave birth and [she was] still expecting [me] to donate to her honeymoon.”

The woman explained in a separate comment that she wouldn’t be donating money to the bride’s honeymoon, saying, “Unfortunately, I don’t have $500 to splurge on someone else’s honeymoon when I never had one myself.”

Aside from the fact that losing weight quickly isn’t considered a healthy thing to do to one’s body, placing the expectation on a new parent to do so is unreasonable, at the least, as well as misguided. It appears that this bride cared more about the optics of her wedding day than the relationships she cultivated, and more about herself than anyone else in her life.   

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