Boss Shares 3 Texts She Received From Her Gen Z Employee — ‘So Tired Today, Waiting For My Starbies DoorDash’

“I am not kidding when I share these. Full freedom to make fun of her.”

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Gen Z gets a lot of heat for their unique views on life and especially work. Often labeled lazy and unmotivated in the workforce, a recent TikTok by Henri Noël Fine Jewelry showed how hilariously deep the generational divide has become between millennials and their Gen Z nemeses.

In the video, Vivian Grimes, owner of Henri Noël Fine Jewelry, shared the texts she received from her Gen Z marketing coordinator that only seem to solidify the generational divide stereotypes.


Is this the kind of Gen-Z worker people despise? Were the texts a form of humor only recognizable to that generation? Either way, they remain representative of a wave of new professional standards and norms that millennial bosses are starting to notice.


Here are the 3 texts an incredulous millennial boss received from her Gen Z employee:

1. ‘ugh im getting to it i'm just so tired today. waiting for my starbies doordash to arrive'

“You’re tired?” Grimes asked sarcastically.  “I run two businesses and manage several employees.” 

While it’s a silly text, it's obviously a glimpse into the more laid-back, informal approach to the workplace that makes Gen Z stand out.

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Assuming Grimes considered it funny, it’s an accurate representation of younger generations' push to make workplace culture more forgiving. Comfort can increase the overall happiness and productivity of employees, so why wouldn’t we encourage making corporate spaces a bit more fun?

It’s no surprise that most criticism of Gen-Z workers (and even young millennials) is rooted in a distaste for change — whether it be social norms, professional expectations, or even the ever-evolving technological landscape. If this kind of relationship and silly communication is what gets people through the day, who’s to say that it’s wrong? 

2. ‘can we get a bean bag chair for the gem den?’

Grimes quipped, “I wanted to respond, ‘Do you think that a bean bag chair would fit the vibe of a fine jewelry store that sells thousands of dollars worth of jewelry?'” 

@henrinoeljewelry #stitch with @ Push Present is a gift given to a new mama in recognition of the job that is childbirth💎 We love the idea of jewelry that can be worn & passed down to your child later in life✨🫶🏼#diamondbracelet #diamonds #pushpresent #jewelrytiktok ♬ original sound - Henri Noël Fine Jewelry

Grimes can cultivate whatever aesthetic or “vibe” she’d prefer for her store, but once again, who’s to argue comfort isn’t important? 

Was it a joke? Maybe. Should there be more formality between this Gen Z employee and her boss? It seems to depend on who you ask and what generation they are part of.

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3. ‘no way jose’ followed by a funny ‘GIF’ in response to a task from her boss.

“This was actually funny… because she was making a joke,” Grimes explained. “I asked her to enter new products into our backend system, so she sends this, then sends a GIF.”

“I gotta give you one star,” the GIF read. 

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This was clearly a joke, but the question remains: Is Gen Z too lax when it comes to the workplace and interactions with management?

While commenters debated just that, Grimes admitted her Gen Z employee “keeps her young” in all the best ways. 

“My Gen-Z marketing coordinator gives me the energy I need to make it through each day,” one person agreed. “She is so funny and just real. I want to be like her…so unbothered, yet sooo productive.”

While these texts might be jokes taken out of context, they still point to a radical shift in workplace culture norms sparked by Gen Z.

While it’s clear several of these texts were jokes or at least representative of a friendly relationship between employee and boss, they are also indicative of a workplace culture shift sparked by Gen Z workers. 


Gen Z has an undeniably unique perspective that offers both “optimism and skepticism” in their jobs.

From professional attire expectations to casual parlance, Gen Z is attempting to create a new normal for workplace culture. 

Silly text messages like this might not be from the kind of professional you’re used to seeing in your 9 to 5. They also might be indicative of the “laziness” and “immaturity” that’s been cemented in criticism of Gen Zers in recent years. But, before you hastily judge these young people and their new perspectives on work, ask yourself why you're trying to cling to the toxic old way of doing things.


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