Booze-Filled Ornaments Exist Because There Really Are Christmas Miracles

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christmas stockings

The holidays are a special time of the year.

From the myriad of TV shows and movies, we really get into the Christmas spirit. It’s a time for family, getting together, and celebrating the warmth of home and heart when everything outside is so frightful and cold.

But for some, it’s a good time to just get drunk. And now, you can make the season even brighter with alcohol-filled ornaments.

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Given that there are pick your own booze advent calendars, and cocktails that are specifically designed to keep the holidays jolly and your in-laws from bugging you, it would seem that alcohol holds its own special place in our hearts during this cold, sometimes tumultuous time of the year.

And it’s going to get even better, so move over, top-of-the-tree angel, because you have officially been replaced. And no, not by some crappy macaroni star little Timmy made in Sunday school. 

With booze! Specifically, booze-filled ornaments!

If anybody questions you, just tell them you’re getting ready for the holidays for next year.

And don’t listen to silly things like, “Isn’t that your third ornament today?” or “There’s tinsel on your lips — don’t you think you’ve had enough?” You don't need that kind of negativity in your life.

Make your tree really represent you this year. Leave the chocolate ornaments for the little kids.

You can even make your own “boozy ornaments” if you don’t want to shell out for the specially designed containers, too.

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It’s called string, a paperclip, and every mini-bottle of booze you’ve ever swiped from a hotel minibar and claimed it wasn't there to begin with over the years. (Don't lie.)

Put it all together in an empty bulb, and boom — instant alcohol-filled ornament!

Having a party? Invite your guests to bring their favorites and hide them on the tree. Have them wrap the ornaments so that you and your guests unwrap a surprise.

Have blind picks that you dump into your Christmas eggnog, or make that hot chocolate make a splash in the best, most memorable way possible.

Straight liquor not really your thing? Well, no problem; you can also make wine ornaments for your tree, perfect for those who like their grapes as they like themselves: aged and smashed.

You can also take a ride down to your nearest Costco for your boozy ornament treats to celebrate the holidays.

Costco is selling whiskey- and scotch-filled ornaments for your enjoyment. As the need for alcohol continues to rise as the months pass, this is a great way to celebrate the last month of this crazy year.

This whiskey ornament collection is fun (and boozy), so why not go out and buy yourself an early Christmas present?

There you have it! You can make your Christmas merry and bright with these boozy ornaments so you have a great time during the holidays and also when the colder months of celebration are over.

Go forth and make the holidays festive and bright.

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