20 Best Jobs For People Who Prefer To Work Alone

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There is a meme that reads, “I don’t want to go outside. It’s too peopley out there.” As funny as that sounds, there are people in our society that prefer to be alone.

We might call them introverts, loners, antisocial or shy, but the common theme is that they prefer their own company over that of others. They are people who hate people, essentially.

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20 Best Jobs For People Who Hate People

Being a person who dislikes being around people can limit your career options, but despite what you may think, there are a ton of paying jobs for people who prefer to work alone. Your personality doesn’t have to limit your job opportunities.

Below are jobs that you can do without changing your social behavior. You just might find the perfect job for yourself.

1. Video Editor

Video editors spend hours at a time going through footage and combining clips into a masterpiece. This job requires a lot of quiet, alone time and is perfect for people who hate people.

2. Graphic Designer

Like a video editor, a graphic designer does editing, too. They edit existing images for public consumption and create them based on business needs. This job is a solo venture.

3. Accountant

If you have a love for working with numbers and organizing finances, a job as an accountant might be ideal for you. You get to spend all day with numbers instead of people!

4. Auditor

An auditor is someone who follows paper trails to resolve issues and ensure compliance. This position is ideal for someone who wants to be left to their own devices.

5. Veterinarian

If animals are your thing, although people are not, a career as a veterinarian may be just right for you. Also consider a dog walker, an animal trainer, groomer, or breeder.

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6. Computer Programmer

A computer programmer codes and creates websites. In addition, they make computer applications that save users time and money. This is a lucrative career to get into.

7. Content Manager

If you enjoy strategically creating content that amplifies a company’s brand, a job as a content manager may suit you well. Editorial calendars, publishing, and writing are among the duties.

8. Drafter

Is drawing your thing? Do you love to put the puzzle pieces together to create beautiful structures? Look into a job as a drafter where you can design buildings or machinery.

9. Writer

Writing requires a lot of alone time and downtime. But it also means you have to be imaginative, creative, be attentive to detail, and self-motivated. If this is you, look into a career as a writer.

10. Editor

Every writer needs a good editor to make sure their words make sense. There are several different editing jobs, including proofreading, copy, line content, or structural and developmental editing.

11. Engineer

If you are interested in being an engineer, the first step is to get your bachelor’s degree in computer science. It’s a secure career and a good way to keep an introvert busy and engaged.

12. IT Manager

Computer security is a field that will always be in demand. If you like learning every aspect of the software programs people use, an IT manager is a great field for you.

13. Librarian

By nature, libraries are quiet, so an introvert would find a job as a librarian a perfect fit. You get the opportunity to learn all about books and be around people who do the same.

14. Social Media Manager

If you are more comfortable interacting with people virtually, you could make an awesome social media manager. You can communicate with others without having to be in their presence.

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15. Researcher

If the thought of finding answers to complex questions excites you, a job as a researcher might be what you are looking for. History or science lovers would do well in this field.

16. Tradesperson

There are many skilled trades that require specialized expertise but limited human interaction. This includes laborers, plumbers, and electricians. These jobs can be pursued through the local union.

17. Voice Actor

If you like reading out loud and have a compelling voice, you should consider becoming a voice actor. You can do this as a part of a publishing company or as a freelancer.

18. Blogger

Blogging is the same as writing except that it’s on your own platform and you control the narrative. As a blogger, you can join other platforms or simply get started on your own.

19. Archivist

If you happen to have a master’s degree in archival science, a career as an archivist could be just what you’re looking for. You get to dive deep into history and organize the details.

20. Mortician

Maybe you don’t like being around people but are okay with the dead. As a mortician, you can make decent money and spend most of your time alone, except for meeting grieving family members.

As you can see, not being a people person does not have to stunt your career growth. You just need to find the right path for your unique personality.

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