Barista Cries Reading The Note From A 'Struggling' Customer That Included A Tip That'll Help Bring Her Mom Home On Mother's Day

She brightened that customer's day, and in return, she was given a surprise that left her in tears.

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Sometimes, all it takes is one encounter with a stranger to truly turn your day around. 

Such was the case for a Starbucks barista named Courtney, who explained in a TikTok video that she needed help finding a woman who'd come into the store while she was working and left such a beautiful and tear-jerking note, along with a rather large tip that ended up being something she needed the most.

Courtney cried while reading a note from a 'struggling' customer.

Courtney explained that she'd just gotten out of her morning shift at Starbucks, where she clocks in at 4 a.m. and doesn't leave until around 10. She usually doesn't mind working so early in the morning since she's an early riser.


That morning, in particular, she'd been her usual bubbly self when a woman walked in who Courtney could tell was struggling and needed that extra pep in her step. Eventually, Courtney and her other co-workers managed to get the woman smiling and turned her day around. It must've left such an impression on her because she returned to the store sometime later and left a note for Courtney's manager to give her.

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"It says, 'I travel a lot for work. That usually means late nights and very early mornings… I’ve been here for two days, and so far, you have been the only person I have encountered [who] has been genuinely kind. You were the first face I saw this morning, and you really brightened my day,'" the woman's note to Courtney read.

She continued, acknowledging that Courtney herself must be exhausted because of life, but instead of taking it out on the people around her and the customers who come into the store, she decided to make a difference and brighten someone's day. The woman insisted that Courtney treat herself to anything nice that she wanted, encouraging her to always "do good in this world," and it would, in turn, "come back to you."

Courtney shared that the woman left quite a large tip along with the note for her.

Getting emotional after reading the heartwarming letter, Courtney explained that this Mother's Day was the first following her mother's death. On top of working at Starbucks, she also has a full-time job because of all of her bills, debt, and various expenses that she inherited from her mother's passing.

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It's safe to say that Courtney was dreading Mother's Day, but with the $200 that the woman left for her, she would finally be able to buy an urn for her mother's ashes and bring her home. 

A day that was going to be filled with sorrow and grief now holds just a glimmer of solace as Courtney now has a meaningful way to honor her mom's memory.

With everything going on around the world and firsthand accounts of how cruel people can be, it's easy to feel overwhelmed, defeated, and disheartened by humanity's state. People across the sea are suffering unimaginable hardships, which makes stories like this and encounters like the one Courtney had with a stranger much more meaningful. 


Amidst all of the darkness, there are people out there who actually care about others and who want to make someone smile when they're having a horrible day. 

"Thank you for the impact that you made on my life," Courtney said through her tears. "I hope that you see this and know that you did something that I will never forget. So, thank you."


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