Older Couple Gives A Heartwarming Answer When Asked About Future Of Their 45-Year Relationship

A lesson in never letting your love for your partner fade.

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New Yorkers are often called out for the more negative qualities of their personalities, playing on descriptions of them as hurried and harried, blunt and graceless. Yet one man revealed the sweet foundation that most New Yorkers carry within them after he recorded a video of two city dwellers at their surly best.

An older couple gave a heartwarming answer when asked about the future of their 45-year relationship.

A Twitter post from a man named Brian Roemmele showed footage of an older man and woman stopped at a street corner as they presumably ran errands, requisite canvas totes slung over the woman’s shoulders. A voice behind the camera asked, “Would you mind telling me the story of how you first met?”


The man gave his answer, proclaiming in true New York fashion, “We’re really too busy.” Yet the woman paused for a moment and replied, “We are both old rock and rollers and we met backstage at the Fillmore East.”

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The Fillmore East was a venue on Second Avenue and East 6th Street, on the Lower East Side. It was open from 1968 until 1971, featuring concerts from major rock acts of the era. The building where it was located is now the branch of a bank. Even so, the ghost of time passed seemed to be still breathing, as the woman recalled the way she and her partner met.

“He was working there,” she explained, gesturing to the man, who wore a blue polo shirt adorned with white sailboats and a khaki-colored baseball cap. “I was hanging out,” she finished.

“How long ago was this?” The young man behind the camera asked. The woman arched her eyebrows up, as though she was thinking, delving back through years to uncover the answer. She proclaimed, “About 45, 46 years ago.”

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“Final questions,” the man who was filming stated. “45 years in, what’s your favorite thing about him?” The older woman’s eyes lit up, and her face softened into a smile, as she exclaimed, “Everything.” 

“What’s your favorite thing about her?” He then asked the older man. “She puts up with me,” he replied, as his partner laughed.

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In their brief interview, the couple made one thing clear — they’re deeply devoted to each other, 45 years later. 

“What are you most excited for in the future?” The younger man asked, capturing one last moment with the older couple. “Spending time with each other,” the woman answered, as the man echoed, “Yeah.”


“Whatever time we have left, spending it with each other,” the woman reiterated. Her answer reveals how deeply special those twilight years can be, how much magic resides in choosing to celebrate the present, knowing the future brings an imminent ending. 

The turns our lives take can’t be predicted. When they met, the couple in the video probably didn’t picture themselves at an older age. Most likely, they never imagined what these years would hold for them, as they make their way through the city, the rush of traffic moving past.    

The older couple’s touching response highlights a valuable part of relationships that is often overlooked — the years stretching past that initial spark igniting a couple. As a society, we tend to focus on the whirlwind romance part of relationships. We think about first kisses. We revel in that heady butterfly flip we get in our stomachs as our phones buzz with new texts.


Yet love unfolds in unknown ways, the deeper we go. As we trudge through the murky waters of our world, the true core of who we are and what we love reveals itself to us.

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