After A Stylist Did Her Hair Wrong The First Time, A Woman Went Back In To Get It Fixed & They Charged Her Again — So She Refused To Tip

If you see something wrong with your hair, say something.

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It is always important to have good communication with your hairstylist. If not, you might end up with a cut or color you just don't like.

In this case, Molly Marie, an influencer on TikTok with over 200,000 followers, caught the attention of almost 3 million viewers after detailing her salon snafu that led to her not tipping the hairstylist.

Marie explained that the hair she asked for was not what she walked away with, and she had to pay more to get the mistake fixed.

She stated at the beginning of the video that she was looking for advice from hairdressers and people who dyed their hair regularly at the salon. “I am feeling a lot of guilt right now, and I am looking for validation that I am right.” 


Marie booked an appointment with a new stylist and asked for babylights and a money piece, with a reference photo of herself having the exact hair she wanted from two years ago.



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At the end of her session, she was not happy with the look. “I could barely even notice a difference in my hair.”

Like many of us would, she paid and tipped even though she didn't love the service. After sitting with it for a day, Marie decided to reach out to the stylist. “I wanted the money piece to be more exaggerated,” she explained. However, she could not get booked to go back until two weeks later, which she did not seem to mind.

After a three-hour appointment, which finally resulted in the perfect color, she expected the service to be free, or at least discounted, but she was charged almost the same amount as her first visit and she wasn't happy “I will take responsibility because this is something I should have confirmed beforehand that I did not,” she stated. “So that’s on me.”

As she checked out she did mention that it was a lot more money than expected and they gave her a small discount. She was out $327 in two visits, so she decided to forego a tip.


After a stylist did her hair wrong a woman went back to get it fixed and they charged her againPhoto: Alex_Doubovitsky / Canva Pro

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Marie was feeling guilty for skipping the second tip, but hairstylist commenters came to her defense. “Stylist here. No way! Redo is free and no tip!” Another user noted, “Depending on the situation, I either do it for free or only charge for product. Only the money piece should not have taken three hours.”


Marie made a response video further detailing her bizarre first session with the stylist.

Just as Marie got the foils into her hair to do the babylights, the salon had to be evacuated. Apparently, there was a gas leak in one of the units they were attached to, so the entire building had to be evacuated.

Not sure of how long they would be standing outside in the cold, the hairstylist took the foils out of Marie’s hair and told her to drive to the salon’s other location, which was about ten minutes away from where they were. Still wearing her cape, Marie made her way across town.



Once she got to the salon, her hair was rinsed out and blow-dried. As soon as the session was completed, Marie noticed that it was not the right color, but she did not say anything because she felt rushed to get out of the salon. “I heard the other co-worker talking to her about what time she’d be back at the salon for her next client,” Marie explained. “She said, ‘I’ll be back by eight,’ and by the time we were done, it was already past eight."


She did some research on the salon website to see if there was any way she could be refunded for the second session and found out about their policy, which stated, “If you are unsatisfied, you can call back within seven days.” She did contact the stylist two days after the session but messaged her through Instagram instead of calling the salon. 

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After a stylist did her hair wrong a woman went back to get it fixed and they charged her againPhoto: sirtravelalot / Shutterstock


The salon refunded her money, and she was able to tip the stylist.

Marie finally “put her big girl pants on” and called the salon. After explaining the situation, the salon refunded the $127 charged for the second visit and she tipped the stylist $40.

And after many requests, Marie finally shared the inspiration pictures from her visit to the salon along with the photos of her hair after the botched visit.



Marie thanked her followers for their feedback, and for giving her the confidence to call the salon and get the situation worked out.


In the end, the lesson is clear: if you see something, say something.

It is better to address something when it first happens especially when it comes to services like those provided by salons. if you are unhappy with a service, keeping quiet doesn't give the stylist a chance to provide a remedy. Be kind, but communicate effectively. 

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