14 Things You Need To Start Giving Yourself Credit For

Realize that you're the person who gave you everything you wanted.

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It's rare for women to raise their hands and say, "Look at me! I did a good thing." This is a sad fact.

Not that anyone should go around with a big head, but we should really pat ourselves on the back more and be our own cheerleaders.

Giving ourselves a little "Nice job," or acknowledging when you have made a smart choice is crucial to developing self-love and staying positive. Here are 14 things you should give yourself more credit for accomplishing.


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Here are 14 things you need to start giving yourself credit for:

1. You graduated from college

It doesn't matter if you're graduating from medical school or an extension program, as any "completion" of any program or class, is one thing you should be proud of. You saw it through to the end. Give yourself some credit.


2. You followed through with divorce

Not that you should be proud of your marital mistakes; you should work to correct those for the next relationship. But if you left a bad situation, be proud. That takes balls and chutzpah, my friend.

3. You stayed true to yourself

Don't want a kid, or want a kid? Travel frequently? Speak your mind? If you're a woman who owns who she is and makes no apologies for herself, then you need to give yourself a pat on the back.

4. You landed a great job opportunity

The first job is a huge milestone. And if you landed a big job, that's even better. Two thumbs up are allowed for these achievements.

5. You still recognize your beauty

We all feel a little ugly from time to time, but it's important to recognize your beauty. Whether it's that inner glow or a feature you like about yourself, own it.


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6. You're managing your money like a boss

If you manage your credit and keep your debt low, you need to give yourself a round of applause. Managing your money well is a life skill that will serve you well no matter how much bank you pull in.

7. You quit a bad habit

Did you quit smoking? Cut out sugar? Stop biting your nails? That's huge. We are such habitual creatures that breaking a bad habit is a big marker of pride.

8. You became a parent

Have you become a mother recently? It's a rewarding but tough job. Give yourself a ton of credit each day, because otherwise, you might snap from fatigue and mommy guilt.


9. You ended a toxic relationship

Did you cut out a damaged partner, friend, or family member? You go, girl! Here are two gold stars.

10. You came out

Did you just come out of that closet? Good for you! Life is too short to pretend to be someone you aren't.

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11. You're in recovery for an addiction

Are you in recovery? You need to credit yourself for making a big move to change your life. Amazing!

12. You made the ultimate commitment

Did you say "I do" or get engaged? That's a big life milestone. Kudos, kudos!

13. You moved out of state

Moving away from everything you know and love takes balls of steel and determination. Nice work!


14. You broke into a male-dominated field

Are you a woman breaking into a male-dominated field in the sciences, construction, sports, or any other male-dominated field? Hot damn! Good for you.

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