12 Things Every Type-A Person Desperately Wants You To Know

When it comes down to it, we get things done.

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It's not easy having a Type A personality, and it's not just because of the constant crap we deal with from others who tell us we need to "slow down" or those who assume our constant drive and ambition cause us to be arrogant. We literally can't help ourselves.

What is a Type A personality? Well, it describes someone who is competitive, a bit aggressive, and tends to be invested in their work. But we didn't choose to be naturally uptight and meticulous about every little detail, it just kind of happened. We were born this way.


We are who we are, and we won't apologize for it. But there are a few things you might want to know before you think about calling a spade a spade again in the future.

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Here are 12 things every Type A personality wants you to know:

1. We keep lists to maintain our sanity.

We need to be highly organized at all costs, and this means mapping out a daily list of things we need to get done coupled with multiple alarms and reminders to make sure we do. There's no room for error when we have much to accomplish.


2. Urgency to get things done is the only way it'll get done.

We feel a complete sense of urgency to get things done and it's because it's literally the only way we know how to do anything. If we're given a task, it aches in the back of our minds until it's complete. We're almost driven to a fault when it comes to this.

3. We're not impatient, we just crave immediate results.

Everything from counting down to vacation to waiting in line at Starbucks for a latte is excruciatingly painful. When we want something, we want it now, and waiting is absolute torture. It's not that we can't wait patiently — it's just that we don't enjoy it.

4. We're highly emotional.

When you have a high level of determination embedded into your chemical makeup, it's easy to become consumed with emotions when things don't go according to plan. Everything we feel is felt with much more intensely because that's just who we are. We love harder, laugh louder, cry harder and if pushed to our limits, our anger is that of a fire-breathing dragon.

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5. Our many goals keep us grounded.

We enjoy having a list of goals to conquer because that's what keeps us centered. It's the only way we know how to live, because without having goals and a sense of purpose, what are we living for? We have the one life attitude and we're determined to make it everything it can possibly be.

6. We're easily stressed.

We tend to carry a lot of responsibilities simultaneously, and even within our extreme expert level of multi-tasking, it can hit the fan and cause us to boil over. We don't enjoy being stressed, but when you're hustling this hard it's completely normal to run into roadblocks.

We may not do well with handling the initial blunt force of stress, but eventually, we push through it because we're just as determined to manage stress as we are about everything else in our lives.

7. We hate being late.

Lateness seriously annoys us. If we're running behind or if we're kept waiting by other people, it really gets on our nerves. How hard is it to be on time? And why is that every time we're running late, every traffic light we hit seems to be bright freaking RED? Ugh.


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8. We're extremely organized.

The Type A personality is extremely organized to the point of insanity at times. We're rather OCD about our organization and we need it in order to keep our heads on straight. If our organization falls apart, so do we.

9. We're sick of being criticized.

Sure, maybe we're a little on edge a lot, and maybe we're impatient and come off as control freaks. We don't mean to come across as dominating monsters — we're just trying to keep a solid ground for the life we're walking through. Everyone has their own way of doing things and we're sick of being ridiculed for how we do ours.

10. We don't understand the laziness of others.

We might take time-outs from time to time to allow our batteries to recharge, but mostly, we're go go go. When we meet or come across people who are constantly slacking, we're legitimately confused as to why or how anyone could let so many opportunities pass them by.


11. We seek partners who are driven.

Lazy partners or people who lack even a slight level of ambition are deal-breakers when it comes to love. We need a partner who has ambitions of their own or is at least willing to participate in the goals we're chasing ourselves.

Of course, a laid-back Type B could help to balance us out, but we do need some level of enthusiasm and appetite for life if it's going to be a fulfilling and long-lasting relationship.

12. We're both colorful and interesting.

Type A personalities are absolutely the most interesting people you will come across because they have so many layers to them and experiences in life under their belts. They live dynamic lives full of constant growth and achievement, and they are always the ones who will have interesting stories to tell.


While we may come across as uptight and abrasive, we're actually very fun-loving people and we have extremely soft hearts. After all, coming down from the constant high of the Type A lifestyle gives us an afterglow that radiates in any room we enter.

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Andrea Wesley is a freelance writer who also contributes to The Bolde and Elite Daily.