Mom Posts Video Of Neighbor Kicking Her Door After Complaining That Her Kids Are Too Loud In Their 'Peaceful' Building

What a mess of a situation!

TikTok of Becca talking to the camera and neighbor at the door. TikTok

We all wish for peace and quiet in our homes, but sometimes, disturbances happen. Whether a neighbor is a chronic partier, keeps odd hours, or just has loud footsteps, living underneath someone else’s apartment can be a tough time.

One incident, however, escalated to verbal threats and physical aggression. The crime: kids home alone walking around in their own space.

TikTok user @beccalaluvlii lives in an apartment with her three children, two of whom are in school, and the other in daycare, and works full time. She explained to her viewers that she had come home from work to learn from her kids that someone had come to the door asking them to quiet down.


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The mom recorded her 'Karen' neighbor banging on the door to complain about her kids' noise.

She was caught on Becca’s Ring camera knocking on the door and then telling the kids inside that she had “a really nice question to ask.” She then informed them that she was visiting with her neighbor downstairs, and had been hearing nothing but shuffling feet and loud noises all morning.

She finished by requesting: “Can you keep it quiet?” The kids agreed and closed the door.




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Later on, the woman returned, even more upset than before.

“If you thought that was funny, it wasn’t. If you want us to call the cops and report you for noise arguments because this goes on 24/7, that’s what we’ll do.”


At this point, Becca was home, and spoke to the woman through the door, telling her that she had a toddler, and had no problem calling the police herself. At this, the woman became aggressive, kicking fiercely at the door several times. As she backed away, she called out: “We have the right to live in a peaceful community.”

Becca couldn’t believe it. She explained to TikTok some more details about the situation, pointing out that the woman wasn’t even their downstairs neighbor, but a visitor who lived elsewhere in the complex.

Becca went straight to her leasing office to make a report of the aggressive situation.

She told the managers that her kids were probably being loud, and she had no issue with this woman asking them to be quiet, but her insistence in talking to the children after opening the door, and her aggressive return later were completely out of bounds.

She was asked to file a complaint and make a police report, which she did, and then the office set up an appointment for all parties to discuss the situation.


During the meeting, she learned that new tenants had moved into the apartment beneath hers just a few months prior, and due to a case of fibromyalgia, was particularly sensitive to noise. Becca tried to be understanding but emphasized that her kids weren’t doing much out of the ordinary.

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“I told her, you know, we’re gonna do the best we can, but we’re not making any noise outside of regular living condition type noises. I really don’t know how to put it.”

Two of her children prefer to spend time on their phones when at home, and her toddler is too small to be making any drastic noises. She agreed to correct her children’s behavior whenever they are out of line, but just spending time at the dinner table or walking to bed isn’t anything they can change.


“I really just said, you know, I don’t think that with your health condition, this is the best placement for you.”

The messy situation has yet to be fully resolved, but Becca is confident the authorities are on her side. She is adamant that any initial complaints should have been taken up with her rather than her children, and the display of aggression was unacceptable.

Many TikTok users in the comments are supporting her, and hoping she gets some peace from it all soon. Other users who have fibromyalgia themselves are also pointing out that the medical condition named in the video doesn’t seem to make sense for the situation at hand.


“Noise doesn’t affect my fibro. Noise affects my sensory sensitivity, but I just put in earbuds and go about my business,” one user wrote. Many others are agreeing, saying that they have either never experienced the symptom before, or have found easy ways to manage it.

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