Woman's Landlord Asks Her Out On A Date On Hinge — She Agrees To If He Pays & Takes It Out Of Her Security Deposit

His plan did not go accordingly.

Woman shares Hinge message from landlord

When a woman opened up her dating app notifications, she was surprised to see a message from her previous landlord who seemed to be unaware of who he was talking to. 

Although she did not plan on dating him, the woman decided to send him a petty message back after he screwed over regarding her security deposit when she moved out of the property.

In a TikTok video, she shows the message she sent her landlord after he matched with her on Hinge. 

In a TikTok video that has received over 200,000 views, a woman named Heather shares a screenshot of a message in which her former landlord asks Heather if she’s like to grab a coffee for a “quick and casual” date so they don’t have to stay longer if they don't wind up clicking. He also tells Heather that she is beautiful and gives her his Instagram account. 


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It all seems ordinary until Heather notices a familiar detail in one of the man’s photos. “That was taken on the rooftop of my old townhouse that I moved out of back in September,” she claims. Upon looking at the man’s Instagram she was able to confirm that he was her previous landlord. “He clearly didn’t recognize me in the photo because we only met once when I toured the apartment,” Heather adds. 


Unfortunately, their first meeting would be the only pleasant interaction they would ever have. While Heather did not see her landlord in person for the entirety of her 12-month lease, she says that things were “great.”

“We [Heather and her ex-boyfriend] were so easy as tenants, and we didn’t ask a thing of him because he lived out of state,” she shares. However, it was clear that it was the man’s first time as a landlord. “He just spun up a lease through Zillow,” Heather adds. 

During the last week of the lease, Heather and her boyfriend at the time were splitting up and packing up their belongings. They were expecting their security deposit back from their landlord, although they never received it. 

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However, Heather’s landlord never informed her or her ex-boyfriend what the specific damages were. “He texted me, ‘You know the damages far beyond the security deposit,’” she reports. She was left confused since she had a $400 cleaning crew come into the house after they moved out to ensure that the place was spic and span. “I used to be a realtor and I know my rights as a tenant,” Heather says. 

Although she says shortly afterward, “things went off the rails” according to Heather. “He threatened to file a police report against us,” she shares. “He claimed we had gone back to the house to take mail… both of us were out of state at this point and were like, ‘what the heck are you talking about dude?’” 

The landlord had allegedly not even walked through the property to inspect damages and instead sent his parents to do so. To this day, Heather is still unsure what the damages were or if there were even any. “This guy was like unhinged,” she says. 

After getting the unexpected message from him on Hinge, Heather decided to remind him who she was but replying that she would go on a date with him under one condition. “Yes, sure! But only if you’ll give me the security deposit back,” she writes back, adding a smiley face at the end. Before sending it, she wound up editing it to say, “Sure! But you’re paying, take it out of my security deposit.” 


In a follow-up video, Heather reveals that her previous landlord immediately unmatched with her on the app upon realizing who she was. “I’m honestly upset, he was kind of cute and it could have been a really funny story,” she admits. 

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As to why she never pursued legal action against her landlord, Heather admits that it was because she was “going through a lot” at the time since she and her boyfriend had just split and she did not want to put herself through all of the troubles. 


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