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Nanny Who Shamed Man's Daughter Over How She Dresses Gets Slammed Online

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Father, daughter

A man fired his daughter’s nanny after she made an inappropriate comment about her outfit.

Some of the man’s family believe that he overreacted, and now the man is wondering if he is in the wrong. 

The man shared his story on the subreddit thread, “r/AmItheA–-hole” (AITA), seeking the opinion of other users regarding the situation.

Users had the choice of giving him a “You’re the A–-hole” (YTA) rating if they believed that he was wrong or a “Not the A--hole” (NTA) rating if they thought he was not. 

The man says that he fired his nanny after she "slut-shamed" his daughter.

The man began his post by providing a heartbreaking backstory.

“Two years ago, I lost my wife in a car accident,” the man wrote. “It was devastating.” 

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In her passing, she left behind her husband and three daughters.

As a result, the man needed assistance maintaining the household and children, so he eventually hired a nanny — a woman he refers to as “Kate.”

“Kate is an older lady and quite religious, which I don't mind as she was a good worker,” the man wrote of his former nanny. 

The man shared that he has always made it a priority to teach his daughters to love themselves, and not be ashamed of their bodies or care about the opinions of others. 

The man revealed that his 14-year-old daughter, who he refers to as “Bre” recently began to wear more revealing tops.

“Nothing too crazy obviously as she's 14,” the man pointed out. 

However, Kate has voiced her disapproval of Bre’s outfit choices.

“I've noticed Kate making passive-aggressive comments about it a few times but we just kind of shrugged it off,” the man wrote. 

One day, Bre called the man crying while he was at work.

She told her father that she was going out with her friends, but was stopped by Kate who demanded that she change clothes.

When Bre asked why, Kate replied, "it makes you look easy, like a slut. Go back upstairs."

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The man was upset and confronted his nanny about the situation.

According to him, Kate did not deny what she said and claimed that the statement was only made to “protect” Bre

“This was like the straw that broke the camel's back,” the man wrote.

“I told her there have been too many instances of disrespect for my parenting and I wouldn't deal with it anymore,” he wrote, firing Kate. 

When the man told his parents what happened, he says they “went off” on him and said that he was an “a–-hole” since he left his nanny unemployed.

The man told his parents that it was not his issue.

“I do feel bad, but her old views aren't an excuse for slut shaming,” he wrote. 

Many Redditors came to the man’s defense, and declared him “NTA.” 

“NTA, if she wanted to keep her job she should have respected your daughter, and your parenting,” one user wrote.

“Good for you, OP [original poster]. Standing up for your daughters will mean so much to them for the rest of their life,” another user wrote. 

Others criticized the man’s parents’ response to the situation.

“Honestly it makes me wonder about his parents if they're more concerned about a woman they most likely never met more than their own grandchild,” one user commented. “I wonder if the grandparents share the nanny’s views,” another user speculated. 

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