Woman's Boyfriend Breaks Up With Her After 2 Months Because He 'Doesn't See Her Being His Wife'

Breakups can be a right of passage, clearing the way for new versions of who we are.

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A woman on TikTok who offers “dating and relationship tips straight from the trenches” went through a universal and unifying life experience: her boyfriend broke up with her after only 2 months of dating, which made her wonder if he’d ever liked her at all.

TikToker Liz Mina explained in a post that before their breakup, “Everything was totally fine. Nothing seemed off on my end.”

The woman’s boyfriend broke up with her by saying, ‘I’m looking for a wife and I don’t see you being my wife.’

Mina said, “Today is the only day that I noticed something was weird — he didn’t text me good morning, he was super slow to respond to my texts, super vague about our plans for tonight. He comes over. I open the door. He goes, ‘We need to talk.’ I said, ‘Okay.’ He goes, ‘I think we need to break up.’”


“He goes, ‘Honestly, Liz, I’m looking for a life partner and I just don’t see you being my life partner.’”

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Mina stated, “Keep in mind, we’ve only been dating for 2 months... He asked me to be his girlfriend, after like, 4 weeks of dating. He’s the one who initiated me meeting his friends. He was asking me, ‘How many kids do you want, do you like your family?’ Like, it seemed like he liked me.”



She asked her boyfriend if he was breaking up with her over something she did. Mina reported that he said, "No, I think you’re amazing... it’s nothing that you did.” His justification for their breakup was to tell her, “I’m just looking for a wife and I don’t see you being my wife.’”


Mina asked him why he wanted her to be his girlfriend in the first place if he didn’t see her as someone he wanted to build a future with.

As she said, “He goes, ‘At the time, you know, I thought that I saw it, but honestly, nothing ever really clicked for me.’ I’m like, ‘Okay, so if nothing ever really clicked, why did you ask me to be your girlfriend?’ Like, truly, like, he was giving me nothing, no useful information whatsoever. Just really reinforcing he doesn’t see me being his wife, he doesn’t see me being his life partner, after 2 months of dating.”

Mina told him, 'You just wasted 2 months of my life because if nothing ever really clicked, you should have never asked me to be your girlfriend.'

She maintained that “he should have never, ever asked me to be official. ‘Cause now I’m over here, sitting, thinking like, ‘Oh, you never liked me.’ Like, you just wanted to keep me around. You never liked me.”

Woman's Boyfriend Breaks Up With Her After 2 Months Because He 'Doesn't See Her Being His Wife'Photo: RDNE Stock Project / Pexels


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She expressed her shock over the breakup, which she qualified by saying, “I genuinely am really sad, but also we’ve only been dating for 2 months. So I wasn’t in love with him. And it really wasn’t a significant amount of time.”

A majority of the people in the comments said that 2 months seems like an appropriate amount of time to decide if dating someone works.

As one person said, “Three months total of knowing each other is still ‘discovering’ each other. I wouldn’t call it wasting time.”

Someone else noted, “It sounds like he handled it maturely and upfront. Sorry it was a hard truth to hear, though.”


Maybe that’s the crux of what Mina was feeling — to be broken up with is never a nice feeling. Even in cases where it’s mutual, it’s still registered as a loss. It’s not surprising that Mina thought that she’d said or done something wrong, or assumed her ex never actually liked her.

No matter how secure and confident you are, getting broken up with sews the seeds of self-doubt. We wonder, "Am I not enough?"

Just because two people aren’t the right match for each other doesn’t mean there’s anything inherently wrong with either person. To be human, and to grow into adulthood, is to experience many different forms of loss. Sometimes, those losses allow us to grow, to shed versions of ourselves that no longer serve us.


Mina herself noted, “I’m at least grateful that he didn’t drag this out any longer than it needed to be dragged out, ‘cause now I can kinda do my own thing... So yeah, Hot Girl Summer, incoming.”

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