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Wives React As Their Linemen Husbands Appear On Florida Tinder Amid Hurricane Ian Relief Efforts

Photo: TikTok
Linemen on Florida Tinder TikTok

Imagine making it through Hurricane Ian and having to get help from construction workers to put your home back together only to get accused of trying to steal someone's lineman husband.

Women online are warning others to hold onto their men as they head down to work in Florida in the wake of the tragedy.

Linemen for Hurricane Ian relief in Florida have joined Tinder — and their wives are mad.

Thanks to trending terms like "bucket bunnies," "line h-es," and "row h-es," wives of linemen are worried that their partners will cheat as they work to restore power in Florida.

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Linemen get a chance to be heroes after an extreme storm hits — they roll through towns, climbing utility poles to restore power to those in need.



It’s a risky job, but the workers are able to earn a decent living with the median income for linemen in Florida at almost $85,000 annually.

With no fear of heights or the high-powered electrical lines they deal with and a steady income, it’s no wonder that these men are eligible bachelors.

The problem is that many of the men are married and aren't bachelors at all!

Many linemen's wives have shared the struggles of their husbands’ absences on TikTok.

The linewives have been warning what they called "bucket bunnies" — an alleged group of wayward women who want to get intimate with the linemen — to stay away from their husbands.



 The concern is so real that the linemen’s wives have their own support group called Linewife.com, where they support each other and represent their status with cute merch.  

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The general consensus in the videos seems to be that women across the nation seek out linemen — married or not — and pursue relationships with them.

Women are claiming their husband's wouldn't dare succumb to another woman's advances, others are telling Florida women to back off.

But very few are pointing fingers at their own husbands.

If this is as prolific a problem in the line spouse community as they say, shouldn't they be concerned as to why their husbands are allowing this to happen? 

Other women explained that linemen's wives should blame their men instead.

They logically explained that a woman shouldn’t be blamed for the actions of an unfaithful husband and told them to leave if he strayed.



As fun and interesting as the drama was, one thing is for sure — no woman can steal another woman’s husband.

If he happens to cheat, he is a willing participant, and that is a problem his wife should take up with him.

Trust is one of the most important aspects of marriage — if you can’t trust your spouse to do his job without straying, why are you even married?

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