A Woman's Boss Tried To Extend Her 2 Week Notice So ChatGPT Wrote An Email To Explain That She Can't Be 'Sad And Poor' For Long

ChatGPT kept reiterating that she would not be working past the original two-week-notice date.

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ChatGPT is taking the art writing by storm and there are two schools of thought. There are those who are scared to death that the artificial intelligence (AI) will take over every aspect of life, and those who see it as a tool to enhance their lives and work.

One woman used the software to her advantage when her supervisor didn’t accept her two-week notice of resignation and asked that she stay on longer. The woman named ‘Mari Melody’ uploaded a video, sharing what ChatGPT came up with when she leaned on it for assistance.  


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She asked ChatGPT to draft an email to her boss about her resignation.

The day after sending over her resignation, the woman’s boss replied, asking her to stay with the company until June 8, an additional month. Unsure how to respond, she asked ChatGPT to draft an email for her saying, “I can’t be sad and poor for another month.”

To make sure she got the intended results, she used those words in her prompt and included a quote containing the manager’s response to her quitting the job for context. AI came up with a comprehensive and hilarious response.




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It started by thanking the manager for her email and confirming that the final workday will be May 6. To get to the point, it said, “I regret to inform you that I cannot extend my time beyond this date.” It thanked her for her willingness to have a longer transition time and her consideration, but once again stated that Mari Melody would not be working beyond the anticipated notice period.

The funny part came when the statement read, “As much as I value my time here, I cannot be sad and poor for another month.” It softened that comment by apologizing for any inconvenience and expressing a desire to end the employer-employee relationship on a positive note.


The email drafted by ChatGPT ended on a note you might expect, thanking the woman for her support and telling her to reach out if she needs anything to help with a smooth transition. Mari Melody ended the video by asking if she should send it ‘as is’ or make edits.

Some commenters didn’t find the response generated by the application funny at all. Two comments that stood out were: “Another tool to keep the younger generation illiterate. How about learning to communicate,” and, “Keep the job, it’s probably the best you can get if you can’t even communicate without help.”

Those people are definitely not alone and are likely among the aforementioned anti-AI crowd. In all actuality, in some cases, people will use and abuse ChatGPT to avoid the work of crafting their own correspondence. But there are others who will utilize it to enhance their creativity. It can generate writing prompts for different subjects, help get past writer’s block, assist with research, help identify gaps, and inspire you with new ideas.


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NyRee Ausler is a writer and author from Seattle. She covers issues navigating the workplace using the experience garnered over two decades of working in Human Resources & Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.