Woman Texts Her Dead Sister's Number For Comfort & Receives A Cold-Hearted Response

It was her coping mechanism for years until someone rudely shut it down.

Woman Texts Her Dead Sister's Number For Comfort, Receives A Cold-Hearted Response Fizkes via Shutterstock / Canva Creative Studio

After a young woman tragically lost her sister, she continued texting her sister's phone number after her death for comfort. That is until one day when she was shocked to receive a rude and rather cold-hearted reply that caught her off-guard. 

The woman was told to ‘stop texting' her dead sister’s phone number.

Faith Sidman lost her sister, Haile, to suicide in April 2019. After her sudden death, Faith began texting Haile’s phone number to help her cope with her loss. She believed that the number was out of service after Haile’s death until one day she received a message back.


In a TikTok video that has been viewed nearly 10 million times, Faith shares a screenshot of the heart-wrenching interaction between herself and the person who now has Haile’s former phone number. 

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“Thinking about u lots today. I love you,” Faith wrote in a message. About two weeks later, she receives a reply. “You have a wrong number,” the response reads. 

“I’m sorry, my sister passed away 2 years ago and I still text her from time to time,” the grieving sister explains. “I thought the number was out of service, I won’t text anymore.” 


Instead of offering their sympathies and understanding about the situation, the person on the other end of the phone responds coldly. “This was a business. Please stop texting,” they reply. 

faith sidman texts dead sister's number response tiktokPhoto: @faithsidman1

Still, Faith managed to look on the positive side of the text exchange. “At least I got to see her name pop up on my phone one last time :-),” she captioned the video. 




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TikTok users offered their support and condolences to Faith and slammed the business for being heartless. 

“I’m so sorry they were so cold. If I ever got a text like that I would probably end up making a new friend,” one user shared. “‘I’m sorry for your loss, but this is a business line now’ would’ve done just fine. There’s a space between being professional and still being kind,” one user pointed out. “How could someone be so inconsiderate? You’re so strong gorgeous,” another user wrote. 

Other users encouraged Faith to reveal the name of the business so they could slander them online for their cold-hearted message. 


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Faith pleaded with other people not to hassle the person who sent her the text. 

Despite the person on the other end of the phone’s complete disregard for empathy, Faith claims that she is “not mad” with the way they responded. Instead, she was sad that she realized she would no longer be able to text the number anymore for comfort. 

“I’m SAD I saw her name pop up on my phone and this was the text, and that I’d lost my outlet,” she revealed in the comments section. 

Additionally, Faith posted a follow-up video explaining that she did not post the video to bash the business but to share her coping mechanisms after losing a loved one with others. 




She claims that she does not even know the name of the business. “Even if I did, I still wouldn’t feel comfortable,” Faith says. “Even if they were rude they were right, it’s not her number anymore.” 

She assures viewers that she will find other ways to cope with her loss and asks them not to direct any hate toward the business. 


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If you are thinking about suicide, please call 988 where counselors are available 24/7 to listen to and support you. 

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