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Woman Shares 'Genius' Hack To Get People To 'Quiet Down' On Planes & In Hotels

Photo: TikTok
Sam on TikTok

We've all been in various situations where we've had to endure loud and disruptive people in public spaces.

In a TikTok video, a woman named Sam came up with a slightly macabre way to tell people to quiet themselves without having to directly confront them, and many people have praised her for the hack she describes as being a "scam."

Sam shared the 'genius' hack she's come up with to get people to 'quiet down' on planes and in hotels.

In Sam's video, which has boasted close to two million views, she caused quite a debate after revealing the hack she uses to get noisy people to be quiet.

"Here's a scam for the girls and the guys," she began.

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Sam explained that if you ever find yourself at a hotel, and even on a plane, where she claimed to have used the hack the most, and people are being loud and rude while next to you, you can use this trick to avoid being confrontational.

"I you’re ever at a hotel, or I’ve used this on planes as well, where people are next to you and being really loud and rude, and you want to ask them to be quiet, but don’t want to be a d–-k about it,” she shared.

“If you say to them, ‘Hey, I’m sorry, could you please quiet down? I have to wake up early for a funeral tomorrow,’ every time they immediately feel so bad. They will quiet down instantly.”

She continued, saying that whenever she has used that phrase, people will "immediately feel so bad and they will quiet down instantly."

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Some people found Sam's hack hilarious and offered up their own version of how they get people to quiet down.

"My mom did this once and then she proceeded to sob her eyes out for the rest of the flight like her lie was too good,” wrote one TikTok user.

Another added, "A guy was trying to flirt. I was sick and tired. He talked about his vacation & asked me about my trip. Said I went to a funeral. He backed off quick."

"I banged on a door where kids had been obnoxious for over an hour & said my kid’s dad just died & she’s trying to sleep. Didn’t hear another peep," a third user revealed.

However, others pointed out that using a lie like that could lead to unintentionally manifesting something bad happening.

"I could literally never speak that energy into existence," a fourth user chimed in.

Another TikTok user agreed, writing, "I feel like that’s bad karma and you don’t want to put death out in the universe."

"I'm superstitious. I could never lie about a funeral," a following user voiced. 

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