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Woman Reveals How She Found Out About Brother's Death Through Facebook

Photo: TikTok

In a sad TikTok video gone viral, Alicia Mae Holloway revealed that she found out her older brother had died through a Facebook post.

She explains the story about where she was, how she found out, and why she only found out after seeing it on Facebook.

Alicia Mae Holloway was out with her boyfriend when she found out.

In November of 2020, the TikToker and her boyfriend decided to grab some Chik-Fil-A for lunch.

While he was inside the restaurant and Holloway waited in the car, she made a shocking discovery.



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She decided to go on Facebook and according to Holloway, “The first thing I see is my brother, Mario’s, son’s girlfriend post a status.”

She went on to say that the post read, “Oh my God! I can’t believe you’re gone. We love and miss you, Mario. Blah… blah… Blah…”

Understandably, Alicia explained, “My heart sank into my stomach.”

When her boyfriend returned, she asked him if he thought it was real or not.

In an attempt to see if her brother had really died, the poster reached out to her father and asked, “Hey, have you guys gotten a call about anything from anyone?”

Holloway explained that she is the baby of the family, therefore is usually the last to know about anything bad that happens.

Her dad answered, “Nope. We haven’t heard a peep.”

But to confirm, her dad called his grandchildren, her brother’s kids, and asked, “Did Mario die?”

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Sadly, Alicia’s nephews, who happen to be older than she confirmed, “Oh yeah, he did.”

She shrugged her shoulders seemingly showing how nonchalant the responses were.

The woman was astonished that her nephews, their girlfriends, and their children had not thought to call and notify her or her parents that her brother had died.

Alicia was most hurt that no one had thought to contact her mother.

She explained, “What just makes me so upset is that my mom was like Mario’s ride or die.”

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She went on to say, “That’s… you know… that’s our mom. That’s his mom and nobody thought to call at all."

Alicia ends the video by shaking her head back and forth in disbelief about the lack of consideration from Mario’s immediate family.

Readers were empathetic and agreed that the family, especially Mario’s mother, should have been told about his passing.

The fact that it was posted on Facebook before the family was made aware is especially cruel and insensitive, according to TikTok Viewers.

One person commented, “Wow the audacity, I would feel so hurt that they posted on Facebook first before even calling the family, that seems sketchy why wouldn’t they call.”

Another commenter felt Alicia’s pain, stating, “As a mother whose boys are her world this would CRUSH ME!! I’m truly sorry for the loss and insensitivity of them.”

Despite her own pain, the creator sent well wishes to others who had experienced the same saying, “And for those of you who have found out about other friends/family members this way, I’m so deeply sorry and am sending love your way.”

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