Woman Comes Across Her Homeless Mom 15 Years After Last Seeing Her & Finally Gives Her A Long-Awaited Hug

Happiness amidst a complicated story.

Screenshots of Brandy Hivner's Tik Tok, showing her teary reaction to seeing her mother, and her speaking calmly to the camera later. TikTok

Addiction, houselessness, and emotional instability can be tremendous barriers to a family, but even when all hope seems lost, the world can surprise us.

For one woman, that surprise finally came in May of 2021, when she and her sister were driving by the local Mcdonald's.

After 15 years of separation and turmoil, she was able to reconnect with her birth mom on Mother’s Day.

Brandy Hivner posted a Tik Tok showing her reaction in the car as she drove out to reconnect with her birth mother, with some sparse text explaining the situation. She wrote that her mother had been homeless her whole life. As Brandy’s car drew close, viewers could see her expression melt into overpowering tears as she tried to hold back the emotion. 


“I did not wake up in the morning thinking I was going to see her today, on Mother’s Day,” she wrote. “Today was God’s work.”

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The video went viral, gathering over 150,000 likes and hundreds of shares.


Other people in similar situations commented on her video, offering hope, blessings, and shared stories to help Brandy feel less alone.

According to the National Alliance to End Homeless, there were 580,466 people experiencing homelessness on the street or in shelters on January 2020. People in families with children make up 30% of the homeless population

In response to the sudden fame and overwhelming questions, Brandy posted more videos to further explain the situation. She explained that she was taken from her mother’s custody at age four due to her mother’s struggles with mental health and addiction. However, Brandy was luckily adopted by her great aunt, so she was able to stay with her birth family. 

For a while, her mom was able to call and visit, but when Brandy was around six, that changed. She had received a few phone calls from her mother over the years since then, but they have been few and far between - not enough to foster a real relationship.


A few years back, Brandy’s sister had decided to take their mother in to try and get her help, but unfortunately, the situation ended up overwhelming her, and their mother ended up leaving before Brandy was able to come to visit. “It was a lot for her to take in, and she wasn’t ready to see me,” she explained.

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On Mother’s Day, however, things would change.

Brandy was invited by her sister to spend time together for the holiday and agreed. While spending time together, her mother called, and her sister informed her that Brandy was with them. She then asked: “Would you like for us to come and see you, and you can meet Brandy?”

After some initial hesitation, she agreed to meet up with them at a local McDonald's.


“I didn’t really believe it, it didn’t feel real to me at all,” Brandy said. She didn’t know how to feel until her sister and she reached McDonald's, and she caught sight of her mom. “My heart f---ing stopped.”

Overcome with emotion, she had to take some extra time to feel ready to leave the car, so her sister waited with her until she was ready to face what was in front of her. Then, after Brandy was ready, they finally got to reunite.

For the first time in over 15 years, Brandy was able to wish her mom a happy Mother’s Day. “I just kept hugging her. I kept hugging her and I just wasn’t letting go. And she wasn’t letting go either.”

The group disbanded eventually since the situation was “overwhelming” for both of them, but it impacted the whole family deeply. “I know I’m gonna see her again. And I just feel so, very thankful.”


Brandy considered the event a blessing from God and has since done her best to keep in contact with her mother when she can.

Two years later, Brandy’s mother is still living on the streets, trying to reach stability in her life, but since that day, she has been more willing to reach out to Brandy and check in on her.

Many are sending Brandy their support and hoping that her mother is soon able to find the stability that she needs to truly reconnect with her daughter’s life.


Hopefully, this will continue to be the beginning of a flourishing relationship to come.

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