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A Woman Overslept & Missed Her Date At A Michelin-Star Restaurant—Her Date Thinks She Should Pay The $70 Cancellation Fee

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A woman on Twitter decided to share the story (and some receipts) regarding the time she fell asleep before a dinner reservation and got hit with a text from the man she was supposed to go on the date with. He was hoping that she would help him pay for the cancellation fee.

This was no ordinary restaurant — it received a Michelin star and seemed like it would have cost a pretty penny, but she claims that she didn’t want to “sweat the small” stuff, while he was worried about having an equal relationship.

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She refused to help pay the $70 cancellation fee after falling asleep before their reservation.

“Slept through my Michelin [reservation] last night and have no regrets [because] I avoided a man who behaves like this,” she tweeted on June 3, 2023. She probably should have kept this one in the drafts because things got messy very quickly.

“It was $70 to cancel the reservation last night,” reads the text she received from the man she was supposed to go on the date with. “It’s not a big deal. Just thought you should know that’s all.” These messages are entirely out of context regarding their personal conversation, but it doesn’t seem like things were going well as they started arguing about why he brought up the amount in the first place.

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“I don’t like to sweat the small s—t,” she wrote in part of her reply, claiming that a $70 cancellation fee was “small s—t.” He claims that he “would’ve offered to at least pay my portion because I’m a responsible adult” — and he has a good point — but he eventually decides it’s not a big deal and waves goodbye as clearly, things wouldn’t have worked between them.

“You did say you were crazy, I guess this is what you meant. Glad I dodged a bullet,” the man wrote, showcasing an interesting strategy to try and get $70 dollars back by calling her crazy and a bullet that he dodged, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to work (fellas this will never work).

They continue to launch insults at each other, but there wasn’t much left to say after this as things ended with him blocking her.

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She blames him for everything that happened knowing her situation.

“Bro I told [you] I hadn’t slept in 40 hours bc of work and u still pushed for a date, then made 11 PM reservations it’s not my fault I fell asleep,” she wrote. “Honestly he should be happy he only had to spend $70 to find out we’re incompatible [because] if I had shown up I would’ve eaten $500 in food and we’d still be incompatible.”

At the end of her story, thousands of people weighed in on who they thought was in the wrong. “Your mother failed at raising you,” the top reply read. “The amount of times you replied to this tweet to explain yourself just proves you know you’re the bad person in this situation,” someone else claimed.

“I don’t care if you’re a friend, relative, coworker, or date,” a third wrote. “If I say I’ll meet you somewhere, fall asleep and you have to pay $70, I will absolutely apologize and offer to cover that. Be a better person tbh.”

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That was really the root of the problem. Many people pointed out how she kept “sweating” that it was a “Michelin” restaurant and how she would have spent so much on food, but she seems to brush off this same restaurant in regards to the cancellation fee.

Some replies were on her side, but judging by the number of favorites these replies received compared to the ones that criticized her, they were a tiny minority.

Offering to pay even a part of the cancellation fee should be the bare minimum. After all, she agreed to go on the date, so she is partly responsible for the aftermath.

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