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'To My Husband's Next Wife' — Woman Dedicates Video To Her Partner's Future Wife For A Somber Reason

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A woman on TikTok has been documenting what very well could be her final days in a series of videos that she is dedicating to her living family and friends. 

Some of her videos are for those she may never even meet. 

The woman wanted to share a message with her husband’s potential future wife if she winds up passing away, and people are commending her for her strength and selflessness in wake of an unimaginable situation. 

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The seriously ill woman is set to undergo an intestinal transplant surgery with no guarantee of survival. 

The dying woman, Emily, created a TikTok account where she has been posting videos directed toward her loved ones so that they could memories of her if she does not survive her upcoming surgery. 

In one of her videos, Emily explains to viewers how her health rapidly declined when she was seven months pregnant with her daughter, Hattie. 

She shares that she had been experiencing “stomach problems” throughout her pregnancy but was not taken seriously by doctors. 



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Emily eventually suffered from intestinal torsion, a blockage that prevents food or liquid from passing through the small or large intestine. This led to the premature birth of her daughter, who wound up being stillborn. 

The grieving mother underwent surgery to inspect the damage and was originally told that she would not survive, informing her husband that she was “incompatible with life.” 

However, Emily beat the odds and survived hospice care. She did however wind up losing most of her main organs, including her small intestine. 

Since then, everyday life has been a struggle. “I can’t eat, drink, or swallow,” Emily shared with viewers. She wakes up every morning vomiting due to accidentally swallowing in her sleep. 

“I haven’t eaten anything since September,” she added. 

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In hopes to give her a second chance at a better life, she was offered a transplant surgery. 

Despite the upcoming procedure, Emily is unsure of her prognosis, revealing that she nearly lost her life during previous surgeries. 

“I’m truly terrified,” she emotionally revealed, knowing that she very well may die soon. 

With her surgery date quickly approaching, Emily decided to post TikTok videos on an account so that friends and family would have something to look back on if she does not survive. 

“My husband…my friends, the family can hear my voice tell them how much I love them,” she says. 

Even given her situation, Emily is aware that her death may result in one significant outcome. “Worst case scenario, I get to hold my baby girl again.” 

Not only are Emily’s videos for her friends and family to remember her by, but it is also to give strangers a glimpse of her life and what she wants from them after her death. 

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One of her videos is dedicated to her husband’s wife if he ever remarries. 

“I will never know your name, but I wanted to start off by saying thank you,” Emily tearfully opens the video that has since gained over 3 million views. 



She apologizes for feeling jealous of whoever this woman may be, admitting that she gets to have the life she always wanted. 

Emily gives the background of how she and her husband, Ryan, met and fell in love, revealing that he had wanted to help her paint her art building for free. 

“I never once thought I would marry him,” she confesses. 

However, the universe was rooting for them and they wound up marrying. As their love grew more profound, Emily could not imagine living a single day without him. 

“Now I am heartbroken imagining him living days without me,” she says. 

However, she knew she always wanted Ryan to be happy even if she was no longer in the picture. 

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Emily encouraged her husband to meet someone new. 

When she told him she wanted him to find someone else to love if she should die during surgery, Emily claims that Ryan was “hurt,” which only further fueled her to want him to be happy again. 

“Ryan is creative, smart, and loves deeply,” she informs whoever the mystery woman may be. “You’re the luckiest girl in the world to follow in my footsteps… I’m really grateful that he gave you a chance and that he chose to love again.” 

Emily promised her husband’s future wife that he would take care of her. 

“Ryan is the kindest person and best husband,” she assures. She encourages his future wife to take care of him as well by letting him go antiquing, playing old-fashioned games, and with his wood tools. 

“Thank you for loving my Ryan,” Emily concludes the heartwrenching video. “He’s yours now.” 

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