Woman Says She's A 'Pro' At Catching Wedding Bouquets & Shows Her Aggresive Method Of Fighting Off The Competition

Hopefully, there's an NFL scout in the crowd.

Danyelle Noble catching wedding bouquets TikTok TikTok

A woman on TikTok has recently caught a lot of flak for a video she posted on May 12, 2023, where she shows off her “pro” tactics for winning an age-old wedding tradition — catching wedding bouquets.

Danyelle Noble (@danyellenoble) has received more than 7.7 million views on her TikTok and nearly 4000 comments, many of which didn’t have anything nice to say. She seems to frequent a lot of weddings and appears to have a winning strategy for catching wedding bouquets.


Danyelle Noble was criticized for how aggressively she tackles catching wedding bouquets.

The text in Danyelle’s video reads: “When you’re a pro at catching bouquets until….” giving viewers a cliffhanger until they read the caption that says “Wait til the end,” but it doesn’t take long into the 35-second clip to figure out what’s going on and what might happen.

In the first clip, there’s a group of women standing behind the bride at a wedding. As she prepares to throw the bouquet behind her, we can see one woman that stands out in the crowd behind her — Danyelle. Danyelle is standing up as if she were a free safety in football — crouching and ready to pounce the moment that bouquet hits the open air.


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When the bride launches it in the air, Danyelle rushes forward and snatches it, doing a victory dance afterward as the other women clap and watch on at Danyelle’s theatrics.

According to Onion Studio Inc., “The tossing of the bouquet started in England when unmarried women would try to rip off pieces of the bride's dress or flowers to try and gain some of her good luck in hopes to become the next to get married.” In order to combat the unmarried women’s advances, the bride would instead toss the bouquet backward and run to keep her dress safe.


The tradition holds true today, except without the raging envy and bloodlust, and it’s said that whoever catches the flowers would end up being the next to get married — and no one seems to want this more than Danyelle.

In the next clip, she falls to the ground trying to grab the poorly-thrown set of flowers, and in the last clip, another woman beats her to it as Danyelle falls to the ground once again, her tactic finally failing. “I guess we’re desperate at this point,” one woman replied in her comments. “It’s giving that one girl who cut the wedding cake and ate it before the [bride] and groom,” a second wrote. A third simply said, “That’s sad.”

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Danyelle responded to the hate she received for catching wedding bouquets.

In a follow-up video posted on May 15, 2023, Danyelle responded to the comment that called her “desperate” and made sure to turn off the comments so she would stop receiving so much hatred.


“Guys, I posted this video just for fun,” she starts. “But no, it blew up, and now all y’all are getting so rude in these comments. Like, there are comments that are worse than this. You all do not have a life.” A strategy equally as bold as her strategy for catching wedding bouquets, Danyelle insults the people bullying her.

“You all keep cyber bullying me and others and [post] comments like this that really put people to the edge,” she continues. “But I don’t let that affect me, I just let you all hate, but you guys are getting so mad about this video for no reason.”

She tells others that they should just let it be and stop being mean to her, which they should. She’s just having a good time playing free safety at her friends’ weddings.


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