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Woman Reveals How She Learned She Had Picked Up The Wrong Kid From Daycare After Returning Home

Photo: TikTok/briannadunkinfunk

A woman on TikTok is revealing why she ended up having a run-in with the police after a daycare pick-up gone wrong.

Since parent pickup can be a bit hectic after a long day of work, a mom asked her friend to do her a favor and pick up her child from daycare. 

That friend, Brianna, ended up unintentionally making the favor quite an ordeal for herself and the mom.

In a TikTok video, she revealed she accidentally took the wrong kid home from daycare.

“Spoiler alert! That time I very much by accident kidnapped a kid and thought I was going to prison," Brianna captioned her video.

The video is inspired by a trend in which TikTok users share their funny stories while gospel music plays in the background — a kind of testimony if you will.

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"Goes to pick up an acquaintance's kid from daycare to help babysit until she can get off work,” Brianna begins.



Brianna continued to say that she arrived at the daycare center to pick up her friend's child, whom she had never met.

She gave daycare employees her name and the child's name. They confirmed the child's name twice and handed him over.

Brianna continues, “Drives 20 minutes to their house, starts prepping a snack for kid, older sibling comes out of their room.”

The older sibling is shocked and states “That's not my little sibling…”

Brianna then checks her phone to see texts from the mom saying "YOU PICKED UP THE WRONG KID."

The police quickly called her. 

Brianna returned the wrong child to the center and explained that everyone was angry. 

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She was questioned by police officers, people got fired and she had to give testimony to CPS (child protective services).

TikTok users commented in support of Brianna saying that the daycare was at fault. 

One user commented “That is 100% on the daycare! I have so many questions!” 

“Absolutely on the daycare. If someone we don't recognize is picking up a child we have to check their DL (driver's license) and make sure their name is on approved list,” another user wrote. 

“I wanna know why the kid just went along with it and didn't question it, even going into the wrong house,” a third stated.

In a follow-up video posted by Brianna, she added that when she picked up the child from the wrong room, he ran up to her and called her "Mom.” 



In addition, both children also had the same unique name, so she can understand how things got confused. 

Brianna says that she won't be revealing any more specific details as this incident happened years ago.

Light can be made of the situation as the mom has asked Brianna to babysit again since the incident. 

Let’s hope it won't happen again! 

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