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Woman Believed Her Mother Abandoned Her Until She Tracked Her Down & Learned Father's Lies

A woman learned the shocking truth about how her father forced her mom into having a baby after 18 years of believing her mother abandoned her when she was a kid.

After finding out the truth about her mother, the woman went to Reddit’s TrueOffMyChest thread to share her story with internet users.

She grew up believing her mother had abandoned her

The woman wrote in her post that her dad and her grandmother had been telling her all her life that her mother left their home when she was 2 years old.

She grew up resenting her biological mom and felt angry that her grandmother had to raise her while her dad worked long hours to support the family.

"When I would ask her about my mother, my grandma painted a picture of a bitter, spiteful, hateful, spoiled, entitled woman," she writes. 

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One day, the woman came across her mother on social media. She wrote, “She was out there living her best life. She is a cook in a Michelin star restaurant. She travels, has a huge apartment, and apparently is married to a gorgeous man.”

Out of anger, she reached out to her mother. Her mom saw her message and asked to meet.

However, she quickly learned her father has been lying about her mother.

The woman’s experience with her mother was quite different than what she had expected. Her mother had been incredibly nice to her and was patiently listening to her as she vented.

She wanted to know why she abandoned her so she asked. Her mother explained her side of the story, offering details that contradicted everything she had believed to be true.

Her parents had met and began dating shortly before they finished college. They quickly moved in together after her father was evicted and her mom agreed to let him stay with her.

After a few months passed and college ended, her mom found a job in another country and suggested her father come with her or take over her lease.

They fought because her father neither wanted her to go nor did he want to be left behind.

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However, before they could resolve this issue, her mom found out she was pregnant.

"She did not feel ready to be a mom at 22. She did not feel maternal feelings," the woman writes, "She said she was already struggling with depression and late-diagnosed ADHD."

However, the Reddit poster's father convinced her to continue the pregnancy by insisting that he would take full custody once the baby was born.

"She said that the time after birth was really bad. My father was dragging out the legal procedures, he refused to vacate the home. My mother said that while she felt love for me and that there were moments when she felt overjoyed, it was overshadowed by huge waves of suicidal ideation."

"She was scared that she was gonna hurt me. She also showed me some of the court documents of that time that backed up her claims."

Her mother struggled to raise her with her father for two years but couldn't cope.

Her father eventually told her mother he had tampered with her birth control to get her pregnant.

The woman was shocked to find out that her dad had been lying to her all this time, however, she was even more shocked to learn something else.

Her mother pays her $3K in child support every month.

The woman let her mother know that they were also struggling financially. She wrote, “She [her mother] was bewildered and asked me what my father had been doing with the monthly payments she was making.”

Her mother further mentioned that she had been paying child support since she was little.

Her mother then let her know that she would talk to her lawyers about this and make sure she gets her money each month.

The woman’s mother also apologized for being absent for most of her life and for everything she had been through. She wrote, “She would contact me again regarding the payments and that it was up to me if I wanted to see her again.”

The woman then went home and her father wasn’t there. The next morning, she left the house and went to her boyfriend’s place.

My whole life is a lie,” she concludes her post.

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