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Woman Learns That Her Co-Worker Earns $85K More Than Her After Her Boss Accidentally Shares It In A Document Sent To Her

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A computer error made by a company manager may have cost her one of her employees.

Now, the employee claims that she is left “confounded” by her boss’ mistake that revealed some pretty significant information regarding her colleague and her salary.

Sharing her story to the U.K.-based parenting forum, Mumsnet, the woman revealed how she discovered her co-worker’s salary that was astronomically higher than hers.

The woman learned that her co-worker earns £80K more than her during a meeting with her boss. 

During her annual pay review over her computer, her boss shared her screen and opened a document, and began talking her through it. 

However, the woman was quick to notice that the document was not intended for her. “It was immediately clear to me I was looking at someone else’s document and the base pay was completely different to mine,” she wrote. “Overall, this person is paid £80K  [around $85,000 in U.S. dollars] more than me.” 

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The woman was too stunned to speak, and her manager appeared not to notice her error. “After a few minutes she ‘realized’ the mistake and shut down the document,” she wrote. 

Although she cannot help but wonder if her manager’s actions were intentional. “She is usually meticulous and can’t believe this was an error so I think for some reason she wants me to know,” the woman explained. “She made a point of telling me at the start of the call that she had just finished ‘Jane’s’ pay review (my colleague) so I don’t know if I’m supposed to conclude this is Jane’s pay.” 

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The woman shares that she is in the process of searching for a new job. She admits she is “confounded” by the whole situation and “in a daze.” “I knew people in my team were paid different amounts but never dreamt the discrepancy could be so wide,” she wrote. “I think I am probably the lowest-paid member of the team.” 

While the news was unfortunate and unfair for the woman to learn, many forum users encouraged her to use the opportunity to get her salary as much as her colleague. 

Many forum users encouraged the woman to schedule a meeting with her boss to negotiate a raise. 

“Use it to your advantage and say, ‘Well now I want to be paid what Jane is getting too!’” one user recommended. “Ask to schedule another meeting and propose a pay rise. If you are thinking of leaving anyway you have nothing to lose,” another user suggested. 

“I'd wonder if she is trying to encourage you to push for a pay rise, assuming you are doing the same job,” another user speculated. 

Whether the woman’s manager meant to send her her co-worker’s document or not, she can now use the information to her own advantage and fight for the salary she deserves. 

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