A Woman Invited Celebrities To Her Graduation & Some Actually Responded

Actors and sports stars wished her congrats!

Renee in a graduation cap and gown, invitation response from Johnny Depp TikTok

Getting a college degree is no easy feat. So, it’s no surprise that many want to share their achievement with friends and family. But on such a special day, why not get some extra support from some beloved stars?

Graduates know the struggling of picking between family members to dish out your limited ceremony invitations but one woman on TikTok actually wound up with some extra invites and didn’t want them to go to waste. From basketball stars to actors, she reached out to some of the biggest A-listers!


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She invited celebrities to her graduation, and some actually responded.

Renee is a 2022 graduate of California State University, Northridge, with a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. She also graduated with honors, so no wonder she wanted some beloved celebrities to hear about it!
Renee sent out several letters with the extra graduation invites and had five responses!

Photo: TikTok


Shaquille O’Neal and Michael Jordan were two of the responders.

Shaq sent back a photo of him dancing with writing in Sharpie that read, “To Renee, Congrats and good luck! ‘Peace’” with his signature below the endearing message. On the other hand, Jordan sent back a card with two photos of him with just his signature. When you’re the G.O.A.T., suppose that’s all you need to write!

Photo: TikTok

Adam Sandler was in the same boat with no note but tacked on a smiley face below his signature. His Hancock was set against a black-and-white photo of him playing an acoustic guitar. Pirates of the Caribbean actor Johnny Depp also surprised Renee with a response. He sent a photo of him in the famous pirate garb with a note that read, “All good wishes” and his signature below it.


The final celebrity response came from the internet personality “Doctor Mike,” a family physician and content creator. He didn’t send her a card. Instead, he opened her invite in a video on his Patreon.

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There were a number of people she sent invites to that didn’t elicit a response back. She sent one to Hamilton star and creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, Chris Pratt and even The Obamas! All of these people are surely inundated by letters daily, so it’s surprising that even some responded! But that brought up a question that some people in the comments had.


Someone in a comment claimed to have gotten the same letter from Sandler in response to their invite. “Adam Sandler sent the same exact card you got, I sent my wedding invite,” they wrote. “D--- I thought it was unique. He must have an assistant send copies of that.” Renee replied to the comment, sharing that she doesn’t think all her notes were truly from the stars in question. 

“The Adam Sandler and Johnny Depp ones are definitely not personally signed by them. I appreciate I still got a response back though!” she commented.

Renee said she’s still holding out hope for Lin-Manuel Miranda and The Obamas to send her a letter back—even though it’d be a year too late. In the caption of her video, she said her success should be a “sign” for the “Class of 2023…to send your extra graduation cards to celebrities and companies!” She didn’t share which companies she sent letters to but said none replied. However, she specified that she chose particular celebrities and businesses because they are known to respond to mail.


So, if you have a big event coming up and want some well wishes, these celebs might just have your back!

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